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  1. I'm ready to put in my new 8.8 rear but there's a problem. My brake lines ('95 v6 car) run down the passenger side to the vent cap on the axle. The axle I'm putting in came from a '94 GT and has a center differential hose that attaches to "something" via a banjo bolt. That "something" is what I need to make this swap happen, because it appears everything else just bolts right on. Napa, AutoZone, and even the Ford dealer were all worthless...

    I need whatever the hose in this picture goes into on the chassis side. Some kind of bracket that holds a threaded connector?

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  2. I think it's this thing... anyone know where the hell I can get one?:bang:

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  3. Junkyard. It's pretty much a Ford only part, or a fabricated part.

    Ford routed the brake lines differently between the base cars and the v8 models. Don't ask me why.
  4. I dunno, because they're idiots? Haha, I was afraid of the junkyard answer... crawling under an unsupported junker in the middle of December isn't my idea of a swell time.:dammit:
  5. If you can't work through this one, you're hopeless. Go to google maps, and type in "hose shop." Your local hose shop will sell you an AN hose and the appropriate fittings.

  6. Think of it this way - the spiders and snakes will all be hibernating and probably won't be a problem...:)
  7. My guess is that the V6 had single exhaust while the GT had dual exhaust. Ford may also have pulled some of the V6 or GT parts from their parts bin, just to save a few pennies. Not sure if you know, but the only thing that saved the 94 Mustang from being cancelled was cost savings. That's why the GT's and Cobras have the OBDII plug under the dash, even though those engines are OBDI cars - the dash is identical for 1994 and 1995 Mustangs.

    OP - if you can get an intact 94 or 95 GT or Cobra in a local junkyard, you can remove the hard brake line and the bracket you showed earlier. The hard line disconnects behind the passenger front wheel and is clipped on under the car over to that bracket. The bracket is held on via a pop rivet, which must be drilled out. The hole for that pop rivet should already be on your V6; I'd suggest getting a steel pop rivet and a big pop rivet tool - I couldn't find an aluminum one that was big enough to fit the bracket.

    If you don't want to go that route, you'd be better off having a custom AN hose made like revhead said.
  8. I believe all you need is an AN to Banjo converter. I believe the SN has an AN attachment to the body, and the Fox has a Banjo joint. Once you get the converter fitting, it will fit with the stock hose.

  9. AN to banjo converter... I'll look into that. I've been having trouble locating the original Ford parts.