[B]MAC Pro-Chamber on 89 GT??[/B]

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Stang717, Sep 30, 2004.

  1. MAC Pro-Chamber on 89 GT??

    Has anyone put a MAC pro-chamber on their 5.0 yet?? I currently have BBK chrome headers, and flowmaster cat-back.. BBK Xpipe w/cats... Do you guys think i would get more out of prochamber?? i know it'll sound nice as hell.. :D

  2. if i aitn mistaken the x pipe gives ya more than a h or pro chamber they jsut sound different
  3. You won't notice any difference (technically the x-pipe should give you better gains assuming they both don't have cats on them)...but your x-pipe does with cats...so you will see a gain on a dyno but probably won't notice it yourself...

    I loved my Prochamber on my 00 Gt...still the best sounding exhaust I have ever heard...IMO...
  4. yeah, my friend has it on his 00.. sounds sick.. what kinda gains am i lookin at for the offroad?? 5hp or so??

    Id get it for the sound too :)
  5. You might get another 1-3 rwhp...

    So you know how they sound... :nice:
  6. yeah, ive got bbk shorties and mac pro dumps with a prochamber.... and i love the tone of it... i had it with 3 chamber flows, and it sounded awesome too... just not quite loud enough for my taste.... i had a bassani x (R.I.P) on it too, which had a good tone, but was just a tad raspy/metallic for my taste...
  7. Guys....your mid pipe isnt going to give you any kind of gains that you're going to feel, so if i were you i'd just go with the sound you like best.

    As a rule of thumb, X is going to give you a big more HP in your top end, where as the H is going to give you more low end torque. As far as the Prochamber goes, if you've ever seen the cross section of one, it's basically a really wide and hollow X inside, so if anything it's going to give you similar gains as an X pipe, with possibly even more higher end HP since it's going to be even less restrictive than a regular X. I can tell you, any gains you think you feel are going to be purely "butt dyno" gains, reguardless of what 5.0 and MMFF tell you.

    As far as which sounds best, it's pretty much what you like. The X is going to be a lot more "rippy/raspy" sounding, and the H is going to be a lot more "burbly/rumbly" sounding, kinda like a typical Flowmaster setup. The Prochamber is kinda like a combination of the 2.....at low RPM is has the rumble/burble of an H, but once you get past about 3k RPM, it opens up and screams.

    I'm never running anything but a Prochamber after having one...so that's my vote.
  8. Yep I know...

    The Prochamber :hail2:
  9. I think prochamber it is... :)