[B]Which Roller Lifters to Use? [/B]

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Which lifters do you use?

  1. Comp Cams roller lifters

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  2. Ford Racing (replacement) roller lifters

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  1. Which Roller Lifters to Use?

    I'm getting ready to purchase a set of new roller lifters for my 306, and I would like to know if its worth it to get a set of Comp Cams roller lifters or should I just get a new set of Ford Racing stock replacement lifters. I can't find any info on the Comp ones to tell me if they are lighter or stronger, or why I should go with them. If it helps, I am using Trick Flow Track Heat heads, and a TFS stage one cam. Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. in my opinion it boils down 2 a matter of preferance. im sure both are quality products but me personally i would go with the comp cams do to they specialize more in just valvetrain products and spend countless hours R&D'ing there products as compared 2 ford raceing products wide selection of products. im sure ford spend's time R&d'ing 2.
    comp or crane or any aftermarket performance comp. generally use higher quality material in makeing there products then OEM. and are more likely 2 have a higher fatigue rateing 2 withstand higher valve spring rates needed 4 modern performance cams.