Bad power window switch, regulator or motor?

2013 Geee T

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When I try to roll down my drivers side window, nothing happens but I hear a clicking sound. It did that the other day but then started working again.

I had the same thing happen about a year ago and had the switch itself replaced so I don't know if its the switch again or if its the regulator\motor.

Can I take the other switch off the drivers side panel that's used for the passenger side and put it where the drivers side goes for a test? I'm assuming its the same switch. Do I need to disconnect the battery for this too?

I don't know if its related but when I got in my car this morning now I have a buzzing sound that comes through my speakers that goes along with engine RPM. Once I get up to speed it seems to go away though.
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Aug 14, 2009
Houston Texas
Have the alternator tested for excessive AC ripple. Most autoparts stores will do it for free.

With regards to the power windows, are you aware there is an automatic reset circuit breaker in the battery junction box AND the electric motor itself? This could explain why it works sometimes and not others.
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