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  1. I have decided to give the guys at Bama Chips a try at creating a custom tune for my 2005 V6 using my Predator and their xcal2 tunes.
    I will put the Bama tune to a road test after Christmas when I take my holiday vacation. I am driving from Irvine CA. in Orange County to Fresno CA in Central Valley. This is usally a 3-1/2 to 4 hour drive with lots of passing trucks and other cars. After I finish visiting my inlaws in Fresno I am going to drive the car home taking the coast drive.
    I figure this combination of different highways and streets should give me a good idea of the performance level of the tune from Bama Chips.
    I heard so much good news from the owners of the xcal2 with the Bama Chips tunes that I wanted to see if I am missing out on a good thing.
    I will deffinetly give you folks an update when I get back from the trip. This should give anyone that is still on the fence about buying a tuner for their new mustang a chance to hear from someone that has owned both brands of tuners and is not too biased about one brand or the other.
    Oh I forgot I plan to take the car back to the Dyno shop where I got my predator dyno tuned first and compare the two tunes for RWHP, Torque, throttle respons and automatic transmission shifting. The results from my first tune gave me 197 RWHP with my MAC CAI and no other mods. The results from the new tunes will be printed or availible via e-mail for anyone interested.

    Whish me luck I have faith that the guys at Bama Chips will make me a very proud owner of one hot 2005 V6 Mustang convertible.

  2. so is bamachips going to try a predator tune? or are you getting an SCT tuner? :scratch: i am confused.
  3. Doug just became a Diablo dealer and can now offer tunes on the pred.
  4. I am not getting an xcal2 yet. I am going to see if I like the tunes that Bama Chips writes for my Predator. If I like them better than my Predator tunes then I might switch back to the xcal2 so that I can also get tunes from Alternative and other great xcal2 tuner companies.
    I had seen soo many threads about how much you guys like the tunes from bama and they just started working with the Predator I thought that I would give it a try and let you all know how it works for me.

  5. how do you get just a tune? do you send you xcal or predator to the place and they reflash or what?
  6. a tuner can email you the files, then you load them into your tuning device.
  7. Irvine huh you should stop by im only 20 min from Irvine!
  8. You say you are 20 mins from Irvine? Which way north or south?
  9. LAKEWOOD CA north on the 405 basicly im at the 405 and the 605

  10. Are you doing tunes out of the garage? :nice:

    if so, I'll be right over .....
  11. I know our cars are fast but Lakewood is a little farther than 20 mins from Irvine.
    Still I work in DownTown LA so maybe I can stop on the way home.
  12. Well I got back from my trip but I was not that impressed with my first tunes from Bama Chips.
    After writting to them about how their tune performed and giving them more info on what it is that I wanted from my tunes they e-mailed me a new tune.
    This tune was better. I could spin the tires a little bit from a dead stop but still was not the tire ripping scream that I wanted. My 0-60 was improved but I did pay for it in the higher mph. I also noticed that at stop lights my car was a little rougher and I determined that I needed to go back to my 91 octane performance tune from GRC Performance out of Mission Viejo California.
    I must say Umberto at GRC did one hell of a job when he did the dyno tune for my 2005 4.0L V6 mustang convertible.
    With just an MAC CAI for engine mods he got me to 198RWHP on 91 octane gas. I have taken this tune all the way up to 120mph and it still had plenty more to give, but my speedo only goes to 120. The car runs smooth and quite on the streets especially at red lights and stop signs.
    Before I had my Diablo Sports Predator tuner I had the xcalII and althought both are good additions to your car, the Predator was easier to work with and I got more performance out of the Predator than I did with the xcalII.
    I would recomend that anyone looking to enhance your cars performance to get a tuner either brand will help and, if you get the chance give the guys at Bama Chips a try they really have great customer service and they know what they are doing.


  13. SCT

    I just purchased a sct xcalibrator. I hooked it up and selected the octane and then left everything else alone Except the top speed limit. After it download i attempted to turn the car on no luck. I have no clue why, I thought you just select the octane and its done. I'm wondering if i have to mess with the spark plug stuff and all that good stuff? I figured when i ordered it all i have to do is select the octane and im good to go. So if any of you stang owners can help me that would be GREAT!

    2006 mustang v6

    hutch :flag:
  14. first off, start with the key off and plug in the xcal2. follow the instructions and select tune. if you dont want to adjust parameters, skip that setp and program. after its done loading, it tells you to turn on the key. did you follow that step?