bbk longtubes and aod work or not?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by QBstang87, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. thats it. will my bbk longtubes work if i build an aod and try to put it in or will they not clear the tranny pan? thanks. bbks site doesnt say, no mailorder catalog says as far as i can see. for some headers they'll say aod, or 5 speed, but i dont see anything like that for the bbks. thanks
  2. no, bbk's are 5-spd's only
  3. actually...can someone tell me some nice longtubes, 1 5/8" that will work with an aod and aren't insanely expensive. only ones i seen are MAC, don't really want those. i have mac shorties and have nothing but leaks.
  4. I can tell you from experience the Holley Flowtechs for an AOD would not work for me. I fought with the things for almost 2 days before I gave up and went back to BBK 1 & 5/8 shorties...
  5. I on the other hand love mac and have never had any problems with any of there exhaust products. I have there longtubes, o/r x and pro dumps and wouldnt trade them for anything.
  6. i might end up goin with them, maybe they make their longtubes better? who knows. i like the pro dumps, the one side is too long and hits the axle when raised with the axle hangin, but thats no biggy, and i think i have their h pipe, it does its job. but the headers give me nothing but leaks. i can tighten them and less then a week later they leak.

    did you use better gaskets than what mac gave you? and have you taken the headers off and on ever? any issues with them bein warped and not lining up again?
  7. Hooker makes a real nice header at around 500 though. Bassani is even more expensive.. a C4 will worth with the bbk long tubes.
  8. a c4 is too much for me. i want overdrive too. i dont know what to do transmission wise.
  9. ive had the headers off countless times, have had no problem with any deformation or warping. Yes the gaskets they gave you are crap, you need to get better ones.