Beautiful Mustang at Muscle Car Museum

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  1. Does anyone know the history behind this Mustang at Floyd Garrett's Muscle Car Museum in Sevierville, TN?


    I went by there on my way back from the Grand Rod Run in Pigeon Forge, but even though I fell in love with the car, Stupid Here forgot to take a picture of the description and history card next to it. I wonder if it's for sale...


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  2. That's so gorgeous.

    I know where I'm going next time I'm in Sevierville! Or Tennessee, for that matter. Or just the South.
  3. That is a nice fastback, but the rear tires sticking out of the fenders looks kinda half assed in my opinion. Its probably got extended shackles or air shocks in the rear. Its also not a real Shelby etc, so why does it have the GT350 and snake on it. I bet its just a clean fastback. Its probably not any nicer than many of ours.

  4. X2, the back is looking pretty stupid. Rest looks nice from what you can see.
  5. Not really sure about the history but I have a buddy named Zanjoe who loves to collect 60′s and 70′s car He loves going to the Smoky Mountain town and I think he had been at loyd Garrett’s Muscle car museum 4 times and I think he still go there every after year... He had a 1965 chevelle ... (just like what you see in the vid) and I think he sold it to buy 69 camaro like he saw in Garrett’s...
  6. clean, but i dont like it
  7. X3 - love those red spark plug wires! :nice:
  8. pretty much my thoughts..