"BELTS" Indicator Lamp???

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  1. Hey guys, I must say I'm a little perplexed. I have a '68 Coupe that been mostly restored, this is my second one and I haven't gotten to the interior yet.

    Here's the thing, every now and then a lamp lights up on the dash indicating "BELTS" it goes off after a short while but I have no idea why it comes on. I've looked through the wiring diagrams and don't see a seat belt indicator anywhere. I've had the interior out of my other 68 and never saw a sensor for seat belts.

    So I guess my question is two part: 1) Anyone know if this is actually a seat belt warning lamp? and 2) If so, where is the sensor for it?
  2. Yay! My first reason to use my 68 wiring diagram manual I bought this weekend!

    According to the Convenience Systems diagram (#2-E19), your Belts indicator lamp should have a violet wire and a blue/red wire. I would trace the violet wire down. It should go into a 3 wire connector. The violet wire then comes out of the other end of the connector and should go directly to the seat belt relay. The seat belt relay has 2 prongs and a ground. It uses a 2 prong "L " shaped connector. Like this _| (kind of). The other wire on the seat belt relay goes to a 3 prong/1wire plug that goes to the ignition switch.

    It looks like the seat belt relay is under the dash also.
    That's all I can get from my manual.

    Did that help any?
  3. OK, wow! Somehow I completely missed that page in my book!! I'll trace the wiring tonight and figure it out.

    I could've traced the wiring from the bulb in the first place I guess, but I'm lazy!
  4. Me too! That's why I bought the book. :D It's like the next to last page, if you have the same one I do.
  5. Yeah, I just realized mine's out of order!! Lol, I've had it apart a few times to make copies of it. Plus I scaned it into a PDF file so I have it on my computer to.
  6. I am pretty sure the way it is supposed to work is this: You start the car, (or turn on the ignition) and the light goes on, it says on for a few seconds and goes out. It is just a reminder. Doesn't matter if your seat belts are coupled or not. If your's is coming back on, maybe it is temporarily losing power( through a bad connection) and recycling itself.
  7. That's exactly whats happening, and yes thats the way it's wired.

    When the ignition is switch to "ON" the indicator switch activates and turns the lamp on. It's not a relay, it's a time delay switch. After being on for a few seconds it turns off.

    So for some reason the voltage level is dropping low enough for the switch to recycle itself. It's probably the way I connected the radio to the ignition. Ah well, it doesn't bother me right now so I'll fix it when I'm back in the dash putting in the new modern gauges...