Benefit Car Show For Eades Family, Chandler, Az

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  1. Benefit Car Show For Eades Family, Chandler, Az With Registration Form

    Benefit Car Show for
    Jenna Lynn Eades
    September 11th 2006-April 1st 2007
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    On March 31st, the Eades Family were involved in a rear end collision which resulted in the death of there 6month old baby girl Jenna Lynn Eades, Chris, Jennas Father, Proudly Serves our country in the USAF, and now needs our support.

    Come join us and support the Eades Family. There will be Celebrity Apperences, A Live Band, HOOTERS Girls, Free Food for Show Entrants, Venders for all your Auto needs, and some Amazing Cars!!

    Date: Saturday, May 12th

    Time: Registration is 9am-11:30am. Show will Begin at 12pm.

    Cost: $25 Donation for each Entry in the Show, $150 Donation for Vender Space, Spectators are FREE.
    Proceeds to the Eades Family.

    Location: "G.A.M.E. Rides" in Chandler, on Mclintock just North of the 202.

    For more Information or if you would like to be a Vender, Please Contact Bill Ball at 602-459-0212 or e-mail at [email protected].

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    4041 W. Milky Way
    Chandler, Az 85226
  2. Awfully cool that this is happening. Which I could be there.
  3. May 12? I'll be there more then likely.
  4. haha you can see all the locals on stangnet. You know ill be there bill!
  5. sad to hear about the little girl, having a little girl myself makes it even harder to imagine what the family is going thru...if it were in my state, i would be there...
  6. thank you everyone who is able to make it! and thank you for all your support to those who cant be there. if you would like to donate but cannot attend the show here is the paypal acct. that has been set up for them, [email protected].
    again thank you everyone for your support, i know the eades family apprciates it.

  7. This isnt just another person that were doin a show for, chris eades is a mustang fanatic. Currenty he has a beautiful notchback and turbo'd 95 that is prestine that is being sold. The last thing that we should all want is for him to have to worry about money, so please if everyone can just donate a dollor just imagine how much that would benifit him!
  8. if there is anyone who would like to donate but cannot make the show, please send your donation to
    Sommer Ball
    5427 W. Piedmont Dr.
    Laveen, Az 85339

    if sending a check, Please make it out to "Chris Eades"

    Thank you!
  9. I know I cant make it that day but ill try to send some money. Kinda low on cash since I quit my job and have been out of work till this week
  10. trust me i understand......and thank you for being willing to still send something, we appreciate it!
  11. I'll see if I can get the '68 there. I heard about that crash on the news, very sad...
  12. Hugged my kids, then got the checkbook. No way to know how they feel. Hugged my kids again.:flag:
  13. thank you!