Best Cam, Rocker, Push Rod Set Up With 170cc Twisted Wedge

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  1. There it is gentlemen whats going to be the best set up if i go with the trick flow twisted wedge heads? or does anyone know of a head that will give me the same performance at a cheaper cost...either way cam wise e303? comp cams? crane? you tell me and i would imagine 1.6 rr
  2. There's not a ghost's chance in hell that I'd ever go with a letter cam after spending dough on aluminum heads.

    Head over to FTI and fill out one of their cam sheets to see what they recommend. Or give Rick 91GT a call at RNH Performance and see what he thinks.

    Rick is a member here. He builds motors and works with several cam manufacturers.
  3. I wouldn't waste money on an alphabet cam either. If you have Trick Flow heads, then get a Trick Flow cam. They are cheap, and that's what they are there for.

  4. Hey guys i just picked up some used springs from a guy on craigslist that lives close and when i got there his garage was like a mustang part treasure trove he ended up asking me what i wanted to do and i told him aluminum heads and a cam he showed me a set of Canfield heads....when it comes to these numbers i have very little knowledge so maybe you guys could tell me if it would be a good deal and set up and what kind of compression i would be looking at

    Canfield SBF Cylinder heads
    192cc intake, 2.02-1.60 54cc combustion chamber, manganese bronze guide cut for 1.550 spring
    valve diameters intake 2.020 exhaust 1.60

    Canfield part number 20-450-54-0

    and then has a comp cams cam

    the cylinder heads are bare and i would need valves springs rockers and so on and so forth

    what are your thoughts are these heads going to be tunable or are they gonna be less street friendly?

  5. $800 for those heads is a good price bare. You are looking at another $500 for hardware, plus a little more for a valve job.