Best place to buy saleen

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  1. Can anyone tell mr the best place to buy sallen body parts? I need a front bumper and side scoops. Thanks
  2. from what i've heard:
    Haney motorsprts
  3. Haney Motorsports...

    Those guys kick arse!
  4. I didn't realise Saleen was an organ donor :scratch:
  5. Speedworx is where I got my stuff from.
  6. yup speedworx or hanley motorsports are both good.

    and if they dont get the parts to you for a while, remember its not all their fault. saleen is F---ing HORRIBLE at getting their stuff to you.

    i waited 3 months for a fuggin s281 wing that i bought from speedworx, cuz SALEEN sent me a POS one, but speedworx was awesome and very courteous during the whole process. remember saleen is just awful at customer service and if you run into problems with your parts, expect it to be hell. they all know me on a first name basis over there since i called every other day for months straight and bugged the hell outta them for my parts.
  7. does it always take that long to get parts or is it just a once in a while thing