best place to order C&L plenum from

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  1. where's a reliable place to order the plenum from.. and for a good price too.
  2. CR Motorsports has it as part of their monthly special list...

  3. how can i tell which one is the one that i need... cmr has 2 of them.. i needed the 1996-mid 2001 steeda pullies...
  4. I would call to make sure...

  5. i was looking at their site.. and they're out of stock.
  6. There are 2 different part numbers, so you need to be sure to purchase the one that is correct for your particular vehicle. The only difference is in the size of the PCV fitting on the driver's side front corner of the plenum. Early model (1996-2000) models should use the smaller fitting, and 2001-present models use a larger PCV hose, which requires a larger fitting for proper fit. The "small" PCV model is part #711 and the "large" PCV model is part #711A.
  7. call the guys at www.totalengineairflow,com and get the dragon plenum.6rwhp and 9rwtq from 2000rpm until 5500 and thats with the stock t/b :nice:
  8. just ordered mine from cr......backordered!!!
  9. The only tricky thing is the 2001 cars...half came with larger fitting, half with the smaller...just look at both hose fittings coming out of plenum towards you...if they are both the same size, then its the earlier model 711... if the one on your right is larger than the left one, you need the 711A...BTW I just got a shipment of the plenums in...same price and service as today is my birthday, so I will give free s/h as a present to all who wish me a happy b-day! lol
  10. It is backordered :(
  11. Ha! I picked mine up in person from crmotorsports and it must of been one of his last ones. :banana:

  12. You need the 2001 and up for yoru car. Whoever you order it from they will usually list both.
  13. with the new plenum do you need to have a 70 mm TB to get it?

    Can i get it put it on and then in a couple weeks after i get my car back from storage put the TB on?
  14. i want to get it so bad but my car is in storage in mich. and i dont know what run of 2001 it was made, beginning or end.If i did i would get it and then get the 70mm TB later.