best way to get coolant out of spark plug hole?

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  1. Ok so i just got my dash back in from a heater core replacement... and before i put the heater hoses on i cranked the car over to see if i got all the wires and such hooked up... it started right up and i gave it a few revs because i missed the sweet sound of her.. anyway.. i blew coolant all over my engine and now when i drive it, it has a bad miss, so i think that coolant got into a spark plug hole:bang: .. whats the best way to get that stuff outta there?? i tried a rag, shop vac and nothin...

    any ideas anyone???
  2. Compressed air.
  3. your a genious... i'm still in the stone age with hand tools.. but when i get to work tomorrow i'll give it a shot! thanks man..
  4. Wear glasses or goggles, antifreeze in the eye isnt a fun event.
  5. Wet/Dry Vac worked for me - of course in "wet" mode. Sorry no pics to share like nighthawk.
  6. Or do what I did. When we were doing my manifold swap the gasket blew and leaked a ton of coolant into 3 of the cylinders. Just clean out the plug wells/plugs so the well itself is clean, then replace the plug and turn the car on. It should burn the coolant out eventually, it'll just run like crap for a bit while it's burning it.
  7. nighthawk had my idea... today i tried to use my compressor at work (i work at a computer store) and the damn hose almost made it to my car... it was like a foot from reaching(my car was damn near all the way inside of the double doors lol) so i hooked up a hose to the vacume with a whole lot of tape and sucked it right out.. runs good now..

    but i got some cool pics of my car on some nice carpet lol.. looks like a showcar... with studded tires and v6 wheels lol
  8. Well, every vacuum can be made to work in reverse... when I had no compressed air to clean my plug wells, I just put the hose into the other hole and *bam* free blower :banana: Often times the "air outlets" (for lack of a better term) are hidden by some sort of grate and filter, but they are there (or the vacuum wouldn't work lol)

    Try it out sometime!