Progress Thread Bfat's 93 Reef Blue Vert Project.

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  1. Well my Vert is still waiting there for paint because my friends 95 went in before mine so here are some pics of his true fire flames.
  2. pretty cool! does he have anything done to the engine?
  3. as of at this moment no, he has a 3.73 thats waiting to go in, 1.6 roller rockers, an f cam, plans on porting his E7s and has a ProCharger P600B sitting in his garage he wants to put in soon
  4. those flames are sweet!
  5. Tell me about it, I'm not a fan of flames really, but those look sick
  6. The hidden flame skulls are kool, I now see that one above driver headlight :pop:
  7. Wonder what he would charge to do my car :D... those skulls are killer.
  8. He's in Batavia, IL

    Really cool guy too
  9. The Vert gets started on Monday now! hopefully from her on out I can keep the progress up. Not sure if I mentioned but I decided to just keep the factory color, make things easier.
  10. Damn how much for that paint?
  11. My friend and I got some pretty good deals because we know the guy, but he's very reasonably priced.
  12. The SN95 in the above pictures belong to my friend and new Stangnet member @Sinister95
  13. Kind of an update, she's still sitting there waiting for paint, We've had a cold winter here so he's been busy. This pic was taken sitting in the parking lot.

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  14. mini update, the Vert is next in line for paint! So it should be any day now that mine get's started on.
  15. Decided not to paint the car and just get a roller and swap everything. Been mulling this over a while and I do like convertibles, I just don't want one right now. Looking at a few rollers one being a T-Top 85 Capri. I figured instead on spending money on the paint, a new top and a roll bar (to make it a lil more safe, I've rolled a fox before, no fun) that I'd rather just do a swap
  16. I know I'm as indecisive as they come with this project lol, but with my car sitting outside for a year with no progress I decided to bring her home, get her running. Which I'll start this weekend., shouldn't be too difficult....notice I said SHOULDN'T lol. Probably gonna plastidip her ( I know some don't like it) I guess the theme is almost gonna be a junkyard dog, budget build. This is how she looks now. View attachment 106625 View attachment 106626
  17. IMG_20141025_114218953.jpg IMG_20141025_114218953.jpg

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  18. May or may not of found a set of TFS 170's on corral, if he still has them next week when I get paid I'm buying them
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  19. Thanks to @hoopty5.0 I'll have a set of TFS 170's soon!
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