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  1. Dont apologize for the venting, Id be doing the SAME thing if mine had done this at the 1200 mile mark.
  2. Very well stated RedSquad7! You are NOT getting the attention you deserve from the service department or manager for that matter. They should at least call you and give you an update on the cars status. If I were you I would stop talking to the service department via a salesman. Call the service department directly and ask for the service manager or the mechanic that's working on your car. I'd be getting all my info straight from the horse’s mouth. I'd also be letting them know exactly how I felt about my brand new, 1286 mile, hand built motor!

    Here's what you do. Once they are done servicing your Cobra you'll eventually get a questionnaire from Ford concerning your recent service call. Fill it out and tell them the truth! Tell them you didn't get timely updates from the service department. Tell them you did not appreciate the way they accused you of tampering with the ECM. You'd be surprised at the effects those questionnaires have on local dealerships. They can actually lose their Blue Oval Certification if enough complaints get filed.

    The SVT guy was right about your blown motor though. It will get shipped to a facility and torn completely down. They will inspect it and make a determination on what caused the failure. They got a whole team of people and that's their only job, failure analysis.

  3. You're a worldly man U.M. ...Always good advice brotha!
    SVT and Ford are more than within their right to look at the vehicle and engine to figure out what went wrong...This would seem to be a very rare occurrence...and a costly one!! I dont have a problem with that...just their style and approach to this whole deal.

    I think the worst is over though...I love the car and cant wait to get it back!!
  4. You really can't expect much more info from the service department. They are probably still waiting for the new longblock to show up and until it does no work will be getting done. I would expect them to give you an update of when the engine arrives but until then your car is probably sitting outside and the tech has not touched it since.
  5. No need to apologize dude. If they don't treat you right, you should post their phone number on this board so we can all blast em. :nice:
  6. First off SVT inspects every engine before authorizing a new one. They inspect to make sure there were no modifications done to it, they also inspect areas that will show any abuse to the car, such as rubber in the wheelwells, etc.

    As far as asking for daily updates, forget about it, and truthfully I wouldn't expect it. If you want to know whats going on, just give them a call.

    And lastly to the guy who is an arbritrator, do you really know the reason the Magnuson-Moss was enacted? Certainly was not enacted for go fast parts or performance enhancements. This is why the dealers will continue to laugh at the act.

    As far as the Lemon Laws, I doubt that any state, even Florida would declare it a lemon if Ford shows any abuse or any part that enhanced performance out of factory spec.

    Sorry, I just get a kick out of everyone that quotes Magnuson-Moss when dealers deny warranty because of power enhancement products. This is not why it was enacted, and this is why dealers will ignor it.
  7. Fact is we have a 30,000+ car that broke....Ford will alway try to point the finger at the owner, gee not them they build quality in exellence right? lol.

    Service depts need get ford coustomer satisfaction certified i think. I have a 99 F150 that at 33,000 miles i looked over for warrenty work, found a lil oil leak driping off the engine...took it in for warenty work, they fixed a "right side head gasket" at about 9,000 miles after the fix i was changing the oil and found the leak again. took it back (now out of warrenty at 42,000 miles) service guy had a big smile when he told me i was going to need a new head, and it was going to be expensive! I asked which side and he said right side, i told him HE has a expensive fix because i had brought it in for warrenty work for that problem....his jaw dropped when he looked the the computer and saw he had to cover it under one year 12,000 miles labor work. Point being when it was my wallet he was just happy and having a good time at work, was an ass when he found out he was paying for it. AND the kicker was i found out there was a TSB on the heads for that year so they knew the head gasket wouldnt be a perment fix but if i hadnt noticed it in time it would of been out of warrenty and they woulda saved/made alotta money. They didnt tell me to "watch that head, it may still leak"

    THEY ARE NOT LOOKING OUT FOR YOUR BEST INTEREST!!! and ya know what the real pain was...i had to damn near call the dealership owner to get a loaner car while mine was out for a week, they fought me for a hour about givin me one.

    I know in our manual it says SVT has its advantages, like loaner cars for any service other than oil changes, Has SVT dealerships been good about this?
  8. My service department has always promptly arranged for a rental as soon as my car was dropped off for any extended warranty work. Too bad the rental agency (Enterprise) always gives me a GM!

  9. I drove mine 1,000 miles and modded away.
    Heres the way I see it.....
    I can get a new entire rotating assembly for about $2k. Me and a buddy can build it for a grand total of about $3k, maybe a little less.
    I understand it isn't pocket change, but it isn't a lot of money.
    So....IF I pop a motor, and IF Ford Deny's warranty and I can't beat their asses out of it, I'll just suck it up.
    That's the calculated rick of mods. In my mind it isn't too bad.

    You should get a motor for your car out of this no problem =o)
    It's not your fault.
    Personally, that is the ONLY type of thing I like to warranty...big stuff.
    I've had my car to the dealer once becuase the rad fan bearingd crapped out when the car was 2 days old.

    I got a crapy ass mustang v6 rental (and that was after ****ing about the focus).
    I HATE IT when the dealership has their hands on my car.
    I used to work at dealerships, the stuff they do is terrible.
    Little stuff,,,$100, $500, I'll fix myself.
    Screw the dealer.
  10. I'm with ya brotha. This past week I have felt like I have been dealing with the police...Its been an experience!! I did get a car (Mitsubishi Lancer) but I had to show them my SVT book and they made a copies of the premium benefits page. Again, i understand them not wanting to pay for damage I may have created, hence the inspection by a Ford rep (nothing found)...just the attitude and approach I've received. I'm sure some are better than others though. Ill be happy to get her back has been so nice...
  11. Hey, Hey, Hey I take offense to that comment! THe v6 is just fine!
  12. Just to give you an idea what dealers do to cars, my 02 GT was in for a replacement of the water pump and to install a weather strip for wind noise both TSB's. I'm under 21 and when I dropped my car off they tried to give me a riced out (fart can, chrome caps from walmart and decals) honda civic with no working seat belts and no radio. The car was filthy as well and the brakes didn't work well. Eventually I got a fairly new taurus after talking with the GM.

    When I got my car back my tripometer had been reset (had 80 miles before) and they had put 150 miles on my car :bs: and my car which was freshly washed and waxed was covered in mud inside and out and had what looked like the dust from when you burn tires on my rear quarters. The gas tank was empty and I was pissed. They told me it was impossible someone put that many miles on my car but they "forgot to write the mileage in". Thankfully I remembered to.

    Well after 2 days of investigation and with 2 people being fired (the person that wasn't supposed to drive my car and the mechanic that let him drive it) I got an appology from the Service Manager and free services for a few months. Best of all I've heard stories from friends about them taking an SVT Focus out back and they put it into a pole while trying to do doughnuts. I wonder how they explained that one to the owner. :owned:
  13. I had a similar experience from a week before the car threw a rod. The car had minor front bumper damage that may have occurred on the lot prior to me buying it...they offered to take care of that at my convenience. I took it in and got it back with what I beleive was 40mi more than I left it with. The story behind this was that the shop where the bumper skin was replaced is close to downtown...about 15mi round trip if that from the dealer. Makes me wonder.... Especially with the attitude I feel like I'm getting from them.

  14. Uh oh, sounds like another "Racerat" story brewing! :doh:
  15. Ok, so the dealer put 40 miles on your car and a short times later it unexpectedly threw a rod?? Hmmmmmm
  16. I cant prove that anyone did anything they shouldnt have in the car while it was having the bumper replaced, I can only speculate....But knowing it is a possibility and trying to figure out how a car with only 1286mi throws a rod leaves you scratching your head. I've "Driven" this car, but its been a far cry from raggin' it, I was hoping to get atleast 1500mi and an oil change before the real fun began.
  17. Hi, I'm new to this site, just picked up a '01 Cobra, saw this topic and had to comment. As a former Ford service tech and service writer I could tell you stories that would make you never want to bring your car in for service again. It's all about profits to the dealer, anything they can do to increase them while doing as little for the customer as possible is par for the course. You see and hear all the hype from the dealer and Ford ads about quality and service but it's just that. Why do they show Mach 1s and Lightnings roasting the tires in their ads and tout horsepower and 1/4 mile times but when something goes wrong it's a different story. Just because the engine is hand built doesn't mean it was built right. If they started building it on Friday afternoon when they were in a rush to start the weekend and finished it Monday morning after partying for 2 days it could be compromised. Also you can't be denied on a engine claim for having springs in the car. It would have to be an engine related mod. When all else fails call the dealers commission or your states att. general. Good luck.