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  1. Im putting a nos dry kit on my 90 to satisfy me while I save for a turbo. When I buy the turbo, would it be very bad for my engine to spray whilst on boost?
  2. :eek: ...can i be there to watch this?!
  3. On the contrary. Guys use it all the time to lower the air charge temp. I wouldn't throw a 250 shot on top of the boost. Most street cars 50-75 shot.
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  4. I would imagine for safety it should be done on an auto??
  5. If you still need nitrous after a turbo install, you screwed up some where...
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  6. lol no, skys the limit!
  7. start saving for a dart block before you spray it, a turbo alone can split a stock block let alone with a shot of juice.
  8. :lol:
  9. Only if that theory applies to your financing too.
  10. Lol no big deal
  11. I'm kind of confused where the direction of this thread went?
  12. Thread is done. The conclusion is yes you can boost and spray at the same time, the only thing that matters is the total hp cant exceed the blocks limits or the engine id burnt toast. The end.
  13. If you want to cool the intake temps down just buy a good meth Kit...and make sure you have a decent intercooler...if this is on a stock block...which im guessing it is...boost will be enough fun for you....
  14. Agreed, but he was asking about nitrous on top of boost. It does serve the two purposes described. It is overkill for most cars and unless you have a built aftermarket block, I wouldn't .