Boss stripes on 05 - 09

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What color stripes on vista blue?

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  1. White

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  2. Silver

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  3. Black

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  4. Dont put boss style stripes on it

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  1. Was hoping anyone with boss stripe kit could post pics and say where they got it from.

    I was considering getting white or silver boss stripes for blue 07 stang but was hoping to see some on blue stangs first.

    The particular stripes I have in mind consist of the super wide single hood "stripe" and side stripes that go up onto hood but do not turn forward and follow beside the center stripe but instead go all the way across to the other side to meet eachother. I am wondering where to find these paricular ones as I have not seen them listed online so far in my searches.

    Also, if anyone wants to state their opinion as to choice of white, silver or black on vista blue. I am thinking the white will stand out the most and look the best.

  2. stripes

    general rule is light on dark, dark on light

    you might want to try c stripe or rocker stripe instead
  3. I don't like stripes but have nothing against those that do.
    Is this the Boss that you are thinking about, If so it's a Shinoda Mustang. I think they call themselfs Team Shinoda.

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  4. stripe pics

    thanks but those arent what I had in mind.

    I did find a couple pics like what I was wanting but I was hoping someone would post pics of blue stang with white stripes.

    Everyone who sees my stang says its nice but they like the ones with the stripes.

    I like 427R stripes but rule those out cause dont want my car to be considered a poser and I dont care for dual wide stripes over top cause they arent specific to Mustangs and are so common so thats why I decided on boss style.

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  5. I did a google image search and I thought a blue mustang with either white or black racing stripes looked good.
  6. What you're after is the '70 BOSS scheme.

    I went with the '69 BOSS scheme.

    The Dan Gurney Edition Saleen is Vista Blue with the BOSS reverse c stripe on the side which is very nice looking.

    I however went with a dark (Alloy) on dark (Vista Blue) color scheme as I like the subtle look of it. Also makes it quite difficult to photograph...even in the sun!

    Being the Vista Blue is a metallic paint, I'd go with a metallic stripe as well. Perhaps a silver or charcoal would be ideal.
  7. Honestly I don't like any of them really.

    You could get 427R stripes and just not stick on the numbering up top but I think those are cut out for a Roush badge on your fender so you'd have to get those too.

    A simple rocker stripe is about the extent of what I would do to my car but again that's just my personal opinion.
  8. Thanks for the input guys.

    So far on exterior mods I have got agent47 side mirrors, clear turn signals, chrome trim for fogs and tail lights. My GT also has the spoiler delete.

    I really like the clean look of it.

    But I am a soul of contradictions and extremes I guess cause I also like the fully race car pimped out look too. hmmmm.... if only I could afford another Mustang.

  9. great thing about vinyl stripes is they come off as easily as they go on. When I was shopping for our second S197 I wanted a black (which I bought), a grabber orange, a white or a vista blue car. The black car I will stripe with satin silver, I would have done the same with the vista blue, it is really a classy look. The orange car would have got black stripes, and blue of course on the white car.

    Get some stripes, put em on, you'll like it. If you don't, try some other style. Ya got analysis paralysis, haha.
  10. I saw a 70's mustang on the show overhauled the other yesturday that looked awesome, it was blue in color...and was just beautiful. - had the boss stripe. But also said 302 BOSS because ol Foose put on in :)

    YouTube - Chip Foose

    Go to that link and go to 0:51 and you will see a boss stripe on an S197.

    EDIT: all sorts of sweet stripes in that video