Brake Questions, I Could Really Use Some Guidance Please.

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  1. Facts as I know them;
    1965 2 Door Hard top
    Engine 200 1v I6
    Manual Steering
    Automatic Transmission

    This is a car my son has always wanted, so we found it in someones backyard all taken apart. The previous owner put a new brake cylinder on it with dual reservoirs. Looking inside it looks like there might be rust inside the reservoirs. I do not know what I need to do about that issue, or if I should change to a different reservoir.

    Upon taking off the wheels and tires I found that the drum brakes are different, front to back. The front drums and larger and are imprinted with "CIO 444" amd CANADA. The rear drums are imprinted with "DIA 9.060" and the number "712641" and the word "Century". I have a suspicion that the front drums are not the same drums that the car came with, but do not know how to understand what the full situation is.

    I would like to convert to disc brakes on the front, but need some help with some issues.
    -The wheels have 4 lugs, not 5. If I want to use the heftier V8 spindles I need to convert to 5 lugs I am told, that would be find but we do not have the finances to replace the back end to convert it to 5 lugs also. Is there a big enough reason to change to 5 lugs? We will never convert this to a V8 and hope it is not raced or driven hard enough to ever need the heftier spindles and the V8 brakes.
    -I am told the steering mechanism likely needs to be redone, do you have thoughts on this?
    -This is my sons car and he is financing it, he is a great driver, does not speed or drive recklessly and I trust he will not let the car go to his head or right foot. But if you were me, what would you guide him to do with the car?

    Any help or experience you can offer would be much appreciated. Master cylinder.jpg Master Cyl from above.jpg Master cyl inside zoom.jpg Rear Drum Brakes.jpg Front drum brakes.jpg
  2. Welcome to Stang Net . If you are going to stay with the 6 cylinder four lug will be fine .There is a company that makes a disk set up with 4 lug .
    The Original master cylinder was a single bowl ,someone changed it over to the duel 67 up type and that is good . I think @rbohm knows the name of the company that has the 4 lug disk .
  3. there are a few actually;

    1: scarebird has brackets that allow you to bolt later model calipers and rotors to the stock early spindles. its an inexpensive and reliable way to go

    2: they also have a rear disc brake kit for four lug applications as well

    3: here are a couple of threads from another forum where us inline nuts come up with some interesting stuff to keep our four lug wheels;
  4. by the way, if you decide to upgrade the spindles to larger ones, you don not have to convert to 5 lug hubs. if you use the 67-69 spindles, you can use the four lug hubs for those spindles, if you can find them, or you can redrill the five lug hubs with the four lug bolt pattern.
  5. and by the way, scarebird sells four lug hubs if you need them.
  6. I am sure I will have more questions for you, I am still trying to figure it out and appreciate your answers. Best wishes and I will be in touch.
  7. ask away.
  8. I did the Scarebird conversion a couple of years ago, works great. He now sell hubs that you can purchase or you can turn your own, that what I did. One of the best things about the conversion is that you can get all the parts at your local parts store.