Expired Brand New Mcleod 96-04 Hydraulic Clutch Kit And Mcleod Street Pro T5 T45 Clutch - Central California

May 16, 2017
I know I am new to this site. But I have sold on many Powerstroke, F150 forums throughout the years with no negative feedback.

Only posting ad because I want this stuff out of my garage ASAP and don't think it's going to move quickly on CrownVic.net.

Anyways, I initially purchased these items for a 5 speed conversion I was planning for my 07 Crown Vic I ended up trading for my Stang. I don't have any ambitions of doing this to the GT, I am keeping it auto.

These items are new in box, only been opened to inspect each of them.

The McLeod Hydraulic Clutch Kit works for 96-04 T45 and T3650 transmissions. Also comes with another brand new hydraulic throwout bearing ($300 value) that i purchased just to have a spare. It is also brand new. Asking $620 shipped.

McLeod Street Pro 10.5" clutch. Rated for 450hp and 500tq. Still has shrink wrap on clutch. Asking $315 obo shipped for clutch.

I also have a T45 out of a totaled 2001 GT with 105k on it. Comes with trans, wiring harness, shifter, and pedal assembly. Asking $300 local pickup.

Would take $1100 for it all if locally picked up.

Located in Hanford California, approximtely 45 minutes south of Fresno. Could also meet someone up to an hour any way from my location to shave to drive time off your trip.

You can reach me at 559-410-6604 any day after 2PM PST with questions. Or text me and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I cannot have my phone while at work so text is usually easiest initially.

Thanks for looking.


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