Brembo Package, yes or no?

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  1. I got my pricing quote today from my dealer, got an acceptable number for my trade in, and now just need to figure out exactly what I want.

    Originally, I was going to go with a 401A package, 3.73 gears, security package, and the Brembo package. This was after having owned an '06 GT and thinking that the '11 was comparable in interior quality, and that I'd just want something nice, but very performance oriented.

    But then today I talked to my dealer friend, and got some more info as well as sat in a couple '11s and started to change my thinking.

    The Brembo brakes would be nice, but in reality, this car is going to spend its life at 70 or so MPH eating up miles on my 40 mile commute to work. If it sees any track time, it'll be on a drag strip a few times and that's about it.

    The downfall of the Brembo package (for me) is the lack of a spare tire. Part of my commute is crossing the longest bridge in the world, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway, and I've seen more than one person shred a tire because they got a flat and had to drive to a crossover (between 3-4 miles) before they could change it. Having a shredded tire and a tire inflation kit still means I'm calling a wrecker to get me back to one side of the lake or another to get my vehicle mobile.

    Also, I don't love the wheels that come with the package. "Kinda like" them is a better way to describe it.

    For those who have '11s, is the Brembo package really worth it? Or could I do better putting that $1400 into other options to make the car a bit more plush and see more value for my money (like the comfort package, HIDs, or even the GT/CS package)?
  2. I thought if you get the 3.73's you don't get a spare tire either due to the fact they use Cobra clutches in the diff like the 08 Bullitt? :shrug:
  3. I was originally gonna get the Brembo's but after seeing the wheels in person I don't much care for the package anymore. You ONLY get Brembo's on the front brakes which I think they took the cheap way out.

    I personally like the dark painted multispoke wheels they sell. They don't come with TPMS or tires but, I figured it'd be easy to switch everything over from the stock wheels to the others.

    Right now I'm just going with a Base GT with 3.73's and the dark painted wheels and that's it.
  4. where do you live?
  5. u also get bigger brakes in the rear :nice:
  6. Abita Springs. I commute into downtown New Orleans every day.
  7. I don't see a real need for them unless you're going to track the car. I'm planning on getting a 5.0 early next year and I probably will get them. The way I see it, I may not NEED them but hell, for about $30 a month (if you average it out on a 48 month loan) it's not that bad of a deal to me.

    also consider that you could probably sell the wheels and tires for a good price if you don't like them.

    I personally think they're ok (they look a lot better in person) but the black RTR wheels are IT for me.
  8. The Brembo package has the same brakes as the GT500 both front and rear ... Only the fronts are Brembo, the rear are 2 piston Ford calipers (vs. the usual single piston). The ESC and TC are both tuned differently in some unknown way (Ford just says "unique"). The tires are summer performance tires, not recommended for use in weather below 40 degrees. Tire Rack reviews for the tires Ford uses make it look like expected tread life will be under 10K miles. The compound used for the brake pads also is a performance compound and creates LOTS of brake dust.

    Some digging around on the internet also suggests the Brembo package comes with different shocks and springs, though it's only assumed they're tuned for better performance.

    I daily drive mine with the Brembo package and will stand by my reasons for ordering it. Mostly because I dislike what the factory 18" wheel looks like and the cost difference between another set of wheels vs. the Brembo package made it a no brainer for me.

    My only annoyances are the brake dust and knowing I'll be buying new tires within a few months.
  9. I think I'm going to go with "no" on the Brembo option. 10K mile tires, excess brake dust, and increased maintenance costs aren't worth it to me. Especially on a street car that will never ever see an open road track.
  10. I got the Brembo Brake Package for the same reasons and really do enjoy them and love the wheels.
  11. my wife has a 2010 camaro...i know... anyway, as far as the brembos go, like the stang they come on the V8 version (not an option) and the difference required in the wheels required the inflator kit instead of the spare tire. someone in AZ offers a spare tire and wheel that clears the brembo brakes (on ebay). I would expect the same for the mustang as it is a no brainer for me to want the spare tire. the inflator gooo is never desired in a tire, especially the pirelli's that come with the camaro, in fact on the pirelli website they cancel the warranty on the tires if that gooo goes into their tires...great.
    IMHO, the spare tire is a must...good luck on your decision.

  12. I bought a white GT/CS Saturday.
  13. I found a 2011 gt premium without the brembo kit without a spare tire? Can anyone confirm that it is only the brembo package that eliminates the spare tire?
  14. 2011 GT base with 3:73's and mine has a spare. Its a little bigger than the donut type. Thats sucks about no spare with the 19" wheels. Would if the sidewall gets cut? You'd be stranded.
  15. Also to stick to the main topic, sounds like your use is the same as mine. Even though I have a daily driver(04 Saturn)I do drive the 5.0 to work every other day for now. Come winter this car will be stored in the garage. Unless you are really gonna track it which im not, not worth it to pay for the Brembos though they do look nice. :D
  16. Im late since you already bought the car. I think based on what you described you made the right decision. I ordered my GT/CS 3 weeks ago.. I ordered Silver. Not a big fan of silver but the CS with the matching black will look nice. (pictured on Corsa's site).

    Anyway..back to topic. The price is really good for what you get. You can barely get just the brakes aftermarket for that price. If you dont like the wheels, that's a different issue. I kinda like the ones Im getting with the CS, but I wanted to plan on a brake upgrade in the future, so Im ordering the Steeda Spyders. I found a potential buyer for my 19" CS rims/wheels so long as I remove them right away.

    Bottom line happy with the car and enjoy it. Many people are frowning on my choice to get a CS (in auto no less) and 20" spyder rims, but I happen to like it and mine will be very unique.

    Enjoy what you got and keep us updated on changes! :nice:
  17. Hello,

    Does anyone know if you get any upgraded master cylinder with the Brembos or is Ford simply swapping calipers? I would think they would need to upgrade the rest of the hydrolics to push all those pistons? If they didn't I would think you would have hard a pedal. Can anyone confirm this? :shrug:
  18. I've got 600 miles on my new 5.0 Prem glass roof manual with brembo. These brakes are the best I have ever felt on a Mustang. Driving this car makes me grin from ear to ear. Hard not to drive like a bad boy.
  19. But u would still smile with stock brakes.
  20. Nothing wrong with brembo or non-brembo equipped 'stangs. Nothing wrong with auto's either. Like many things in life it's all a matter of personal preference.

    RussTKD, congrat's on getting your GT/CS!

    The new stangs are great! I am so glad the 5.0 is back with avengence! I'm also happy that brembo's are an option this year. I guess Ford does listen. In my survey that I filled out last year when I bought my 2010 GT, I asked that they made Brembo's at least available. Feels kinda like they listened to me. But I know it wasn't because of me!