Brembo Package, yes or no?

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  1. This thread is turning me off on Brembo now. :p
  2. Look at it this can always get Brembos later. I personally like the Steeda package thats's a few hundred more, but has the 2 piece rotor. May get that down the line.
  3. Brembo's later will cost you an arm and a leg. All decent upgrade packages are over 2000 for parts cost alone. And that's if you only do a front upgrade.

    Take it from me (ex brembo big brake rep), get the factory ones. They still carry a warranty and are much cheaper then buying them later.
  4. +1
  5. Keep in mind, there are other options besides Brembos when you go aftermarket.
  6. All which cost and arm and a leg :)
  7. get the Brembos, and get one RTR wheel with some normal tire, a little jack and crow bar from the accessories catalog and bammo, your spare tire kit. :)
  8. the Brembos rock

    i like my brembo brakes. They shut the car down is a heartbeat and the wheels make the car:nice:

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  9. Even if you don't track the car, I fyou can afford a little more payment it's a great bang for the buck. What's wrong with having a little more brakes than you may need. For goodness sakes how many of us have housepower we will never use!!!!
  10. HP is a bragging
  11. To those of you with Brembo's....and live in snowy climes...

    If you're man enough to drive the car (which I am)...what are you doing for a snow tire/wheel package?

    I'm considering a 5.0 before Dec. 31 (end of year sale!)...and the dealer found a Brembo car. I currently have OEM 17s with snow tires (which won't work on the new car) and OEM GT500 wheels/tires in the garage.

    I'd hate to put 19" snow tires on those cool wheels...but...I may have to? :(

    That is, if I GET a new car. :)

    I also assume the 2005-09 GT500 wheels/tires I have will clear the brakes as well? I rather like the look of those wheels and the tires are way fatter than the sissy Brembo wheel 255 x4 tire size. :notnice: