Burned Wiring!!!!!!

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  1. My 68 Mustang engine caught on fire. Most of the wiring was burned.
    My question is now that I have to rewire the engine.....what can I do to make it safer and more reliable?
  2. Was it an electrical fire or a fuel fire?
  3. a fuel fire will burn every thing no mater what .usually caused by a back fire or just a fuel leak .check all fuel hoses and clamps .replace any dried or rotted hoses.
    this new fuel will melt regular rubber hose so i would replace it with fuel injection hose.
    i still have a scar on the palm of my hand from my first mustang when the dash wiring caught fire and i reached in and pulled the wires out , it was a 66.
  4. i would, after i repaired the fuel issue, use a painless or similar aftermarket wiring harness to replace all the stock wiring.