Buying A 5.0 Swap Car?

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by The Shape, May 12, 2013.

  1. Have a friend selling a coupe that he swapped from 2.3 to 5.0. It also has a complete 5 lug swap. Can get it around 2k. He has owned many fox mustangs and I have confidence in his mechanical skill. The paint is faded and has a few dings. I have always been scared of swap cars, but coupes are so hard to find.
  2. If I were buying a swap car, I'd be looking at the suspension, brakes, rear axle, transmission, and gauge cluster, to ensure the V8 parts were installed versus the 4 cylinder parts, and I would want a factory SEFI set up, not a carb. Even little things like the EGR solenoids on the back side of the passenger strut tower should be there. If the swap is done right, you should be able to compare it to a V8 car, and not be able to tell the difference. A lot of people swap the engine, and short change the rest. If they did it all this stuff right, the swap aspect would not scare me off, and to some degree would be a plus. I personally swapped my car back in 99, using my wrecked 89 as the donor car.
  3. As long as all the braking components and suspension stuff was changed over to v8, I would not be afraid of it. But if it had the smaller brakes and the smaller rear end, I would most definitely pass on it
  4. I know all the suspension and brakes were swapped out, I was even there when part of that was being done. It is EFI . I know he swapped fuel lines ect. Only thing missing is A/C and smog.
  5. $2K is not a bad price, but like other said...there's a million ways to do the swaps. Some guys do a great job, and other guys take short cuts to get the cars running.
  6. So from what you said, assuming it has the V8 rear end and transmission, sounding pretty good!
  7. The car I bought was a V8 swap car. I paid just over $2k for it and it has the V8 brakes, suspension, rear end, transmission, etc. From what I can tell the swap was very complete and I haven't had any issues with it...well, other than the standard issues you have with a 23 year old Ford.