C&L Intake Tube and 76mm MassAir Meter

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by TenorPlayinGuy, Jul 28, 2011.

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  1. I have a set C&L Intake tube, and matching 76mm Meter (w/sensor) calibrated for 19lb injectors ( I will also include a sampling tube for 42lb injectors) that I am selling. Meter works great, I just have different plans for the car now. If your interested, I am looking to get $150 for the set, The two have been powder coated "Near Chrome" and look great! I will send photos to anyone interested.

    Email me at [email protected] Thanks!

  2. shipped??? 65202
  3. very interested!!!!.... on the sampling tubes,cant you just change out the tube to re-calibrate it for whatever injectors your using?
  4. Yes, I have one for 19lb and for 42lb injectors
  5. 150 shipped? If so, I'll take it pm me your paypal or however you want to d it...
  6. I PM'd you the shipped price of $170. If thats ok with you, then I'd prefer to use a different method, such as Postal Money order, or faster to use something like Western Union. I'll PM you my Name and address and we can go from there.
  7. Actually I completely forgot, that google checkout is another good way to send payments. I must protest to anything that is related to paypal. They are a complete joke, and if you ever use them as a service to receive payments I would advise against it completely. Google Checkout is free, for both sellers and buyers. So I would prefer that method. PM me, and we'll get going whenever you feel like it.

  8. Still Available^^ If your preferred method of Payment is through Paypal, I can set that up. Thanks.
  9. I got my brothers,he has to step it up to a bigger one for his blower setup, so lucky me...
  10. good deal.

    Still Available ^ Bump ^
  11. free bump..... I have to get a 90, blower time!...good deal here folks!!
  12. Decided to sell the entire Car. Ad is located in the Fox bodies for sale section. Thanks
Thread Status:
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