C6 cheaper than C5!!!, will this help keep 07 Cobra prices down?

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  1. The 07 Cobra will be packing a serious punch. The car will be heading into a different car class ( as SVT has already said). It will have 500hp and not be a base vette competitor. It will be a Z06/Viper competitor. If the car is priced in the low 40s, what's the big deal? It will still be 20k cheaper than the C6 Z06 that is rumored to be 60-65k.
  2. There is no factual info so far that the 07 Cobra will definately have 500hp. It is the same rumor type as the z06 going to 60-65k
  3. It didn't start on this site, That is the rumor going around all the web. I think it started from 2 things. First Ford said the the Cobra would be going upscale, upscale usually means higher price. 2nd the next Lightning is expected to get a 500HP 5.4L S/C V8 and is expected to be over $40K, it is unknown whether this engine is the same as the Ford GT V8 or maybe a 3v 5.4L. If both the Cobra and Lightning get the same 500HP s/c 5.4L than expect the price jump that the lightning sees to be about the same that the Cobra sees.

    Vette selling poorly????? C5 sales have been red hot from day one and the C6 has better overall quality and more performance for around the same price. Here is the list of prices and options http://www.corvettesbyrickdaniel.com/05pricing.html
  4. While the rumors may not have started onthis site. I have so far not seen them in any publication mustang or otherwise.
  5. I think another component that people are missing here is the fact that these cars are getting insanely fast, when you look at it from a historic and realistic perspective. Everybody keeps screaming for "more power, more power" out of the Mustang, from the GT on up to the special eds including the Cobra, which currently is a high 12-second machine. Just for perspective, a new Cobra will DESTROY most anything from the muscle car era of the late 60's, with a/c and a nice stereo and quiet cabin. So here's the quandary: When you keep making the car faster, even if you achieve the h.p. and quickness without adding to the price, you start alienating the cost-conscious mass-consumer due to insurance rates that increase exponentially with the h.p.. Also, higher horsepower is harder on parts, and Ford gets stung on the warranty side of the equation (and/or they have to build everything sturdier or tighter tolerence, which is yet again more $$$), which adds up to higher MSRP's so that they can cover that anticipated cost. On the OTHER hand, in order to achieve the IMAGE the Mustang needs that helps sell the entry-level cars that are truly your bread and butter money makers, you have to have a Mustang that can hit the track with Corvettes and M-series BMW's and give 'em hell. You've got to fight that supercar war, and fight to win. So Ford is stuck in the middle, trying to stay in the fight in the current horsepower wars, but also trying to build a product that is affordable enough, both in purchase price AND insurance, that they can sell a ton of 'em. They strike a balance that they believe will sell the most units while keeping the Mustang's muscular reputation and strong allure intact. Chevy took the "let's just build the fastest stinkin F-bod we can with the parts we've got", and overlooked other issues of importance to more mainstream and practical buyers (a much larger market) like quality/packaging/image, and the sales imploded, because they forgot about what was really important for long-term viability. I think that Ford has the right recipe down pat. The GT will sell TONS, the V6 even more, and the faster cars will come in limited productions that are in-check with what the potential market demand is. Everybody gets what they want, and PLEASE, there's no free lunch. Factory hot rods have ALWAYS cost more. You look back at the muscle-car era of the 60's, it was only a SMALL HANDFUL of the cars that were optioned up with the top-drawer engines, from a statistical perspective. Only a small fraction of Chargers and Super Bees and Cudas were hemis or 440 6-packs. Only a small small fraction of Camaro's were aluminum headed 396's or 427's. Only a small amount of people went for the 428SCJ drag pack option in a Ford product. Those cars fought for bragging rights, but the public was buying the smaller-engined more affordable models at a comparitively enormous ratio. Win with a hemi on Sunday, sell a 340 on Monday. Win with a Boss 429 on Sunday, sell a 351 on Monday. Win with a LS6 454 on Sunday, sell a 350 on Monday. That's REALLY how it always worked, and that's still how it works from a business standpoint, where selling cars at the end of the day is the goal. The Cobra will be the no-compromise "hit-man", who's mission is to assasinate the competition. The rest of the Mustang world basks in the glory, and you can ALWAYS mod the daylights out of your GT.
  6. Your posts really amuse me. I still can't figure out why you ever would consider buying a ford since chevy is just god sent :rolleyes:

  7. Since Cobra launch is 2+ years away we won't get any hints from Ford, A lot of it is educated guesses, and info from insider leaks. It is still not 100% certain what engine the Cobra will get yet. We should have a better clues once the Mustang GT and Lightning prices are anounced.

    Thanks for your troll words of wisdom
  8. I must agree with z28x on this one. Ever since the C5 came out, I don't think the vette has had any problem in the sales department.
  9. While an educated guess is fine. People are quoting it like it is fact. And as far as "insider" information. We had an "insider" many moons ago saying the 05 was going to be nearly impossible to modify and weigh 3700lbs. So I'm not very trusting of "insider" information.
  10. I fail to see where he said anything to that effect Kirky.

    So when somebody posts a general fact regarding brand X or brand Y, they had better make damn certain it's a disparaging fact? Why is it a prerequisite that in order to be a Blue Oval fan, you must vow blind and unjustifiable hatred for everything else, and never speak of the competition unless it's to take a cheap shot?? I've got plenty of 1st-hand reasons why I'm not a huge fan of the latest C5, and never liked the 3rd or 4th gen f-bods much, most from behind the wheel experience. But facts is facts, don't kill the messenger. We should leave that kind of stuff at the NASCAR track where Bubba and Cleetus can "wrasstle" it out over whether "Ford SUCKS", or "Chevy BLOWS". Ford, GM and Chrysler have all taken multiple turns at sucking woefully at times throughout the 20th century.
  11. I agree also, around here, no joke, I see more vettes then Mustang GT's.