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  1. on 11-06-2006 Ranger drove his bone stock ZO6 with only DR on car to a 10.85 @ 129.50 MPH ... WOWWWWWWWWWWW
    60'........1.679 3650 launch rpm with a fast clutch release and fast throttle squeeze
    660'......7.046 102.61
    1320'...10.856 129.50
  2. Ranger is exceptional. He had his C5 Z06 running in the 11's too.
  3. FORD GT BONE STOCK with DR's will run low 10's at over 134mph.... whats ur point?
  4. No point just that it takes a very good driver to get the times a average driver with the ZO6 or GT will not run those times>>>>
  5. Not to mention you can buy two Z06's for the price of one GT...

    I don't compare those two cars... Apples and Oranges... Both are amazing in their own class..
  6. If you are talking a Ford GT they are about $150,000 you can buy 2 ZO6 for that.
    I know you are not thinking that a Mustang GT stock can run with a ZO6 stock>>>>>
  7. Too bad the Ford GT is twice the price and doesn't come with a 100,000 mile warranty like the Vette.

  8. That's exactly what I said.....read my post again, you're confusing yourself.. ;)
  9. Says the bowtie fanboy. :p
  10. Yeah... the bowtie fanboy who drives a Cobra... :D
  11. My mistake, I guess i better put my glasses on when i read>>>
  12. 2 Z06's or a Ford GT. Hate to say it but I'll take the Ford GT. The Z06 needs restyling.
  13. I'm right there with you, the Ford GT is simply on another planet compared to the Z06, once you quit spewing magazine numbers and get over talking about "value". When you see a GT in person, you could give a rat's a$$ about value, you just lust.

    The Corvette is a styling nightmare (due to windtunnel decisions) with a cheesy bow-tie interior that goes like hell, and is a great buy.

    From a styling standpoint, I've never been interested much in the Corvettes since the introduction of the C5. I had a 1993 C4 6-speed, triple-black, and it was a beauty from all angles, and ran pretty good too (13.00-13.20's @ 108 with nothing more than Borla and a filter lid).
  14. The new ZO6 is downright sexy IMHO... not as sexy as the Ford GT though.

  15. I'll admit that the Z06's wider hips and extra attitude help distract-from and dilute the standard C6's inherant awkwardness, cheesy face, and barf-bag booty. The Z06 definitely fills the proportions out better.

    But it's simply a car that looks good from only certain angles, and from other angles looks downright clumsy in proportion.

    Remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry was dating the girl who's looks changed dramatically in different lighting and/or angles?? That's the C5 and the C6..
  16. i dont care what the Ford GT costs.... its sexy... its MID-ENGINE... and its clearly faster anyway u slice it... and its always going to be more capable of faster times than the ZO6 due to the fact it is MID-ENGINE...

    just because a car costs less doesnt mean that it is better... ill take a McLaren F1 or Veyron anyday i dont care that it costs 10 times as much as something that might keep up....
  17. Guys, I love my Z06!!! I am a Ford guy and I have to say I bought the Z06 because it is the badest car I can afford!! I wanted a GT500 but the dealers were all dicks!!! I have driven a Ford GT and there is no question it is way more exotic.... but faster it isnt! I drive the Z06 daily and enjoy every min of it!!!
  18. Funny you mention that, but in my latest issue of Car & Driver (November) (I know I'm magazine racing here) they have a new method for testing cars now called the Lightning Lap. They put their best drivers in the car and then race it around the Virginia International Raceway and measure things like corner entry speeds, straightaway speeds, overall lap times, etc. The ZO6 was only .4 tenths of a second slower and .2 MPH less than the Ford GT per lap!

    The ZO6 looks better and better to me every day!

  20. Im not a Chevy guy, but my next car will be a 2-3 year old Vette. there are alot of them out there with under 10,000 miles on teh clock for a pretty attractive price.