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  1. Regarding fatality rates, I've got a strong feeling that you're speculating wildly, due to the fact that whenever a bozo loses it in a curve doing 160 after a night of clubbing in a sportscar, or some nitwit deposits the 12-cylinder from his Enzo in the middle of the PCH, it's all over the papers.. Bottom line is that full-coverage on my 2005 Carrera S is cheaper than equal coverage on my 2005 F150 Lariat. The insurance companies pretty much have the data worked out.

    Furthermore, you make it sound as if most performance car drivers are out there playing Mario Andretti amongst your family truckster... Whatever... There are bozo's behind the wheel of all types of vehicles. Where I lose my mind, is the folks who are playing race-car-driver in a car that has no brakes, no traction, and no stability. Talk about taking a bad situation, and amplifying it exponentially.. When I'm on the interstate for instance, cruising at my normal safe-from-ticket-risk 79 mph, the cars that typically fly past me in the LH lane doing 100 mph plus-plus, are SUV's, sub-compacts and 15-year-old clunkers in disrepair, all with the gas pedal resting on the floorboard...

    This is no-win issue, because I can't really get my arms around what your point is, other than everyone who owns a high-performance machine better not use it to any extent whatsoever, unless they can find a closed course....

    If that's the case, why not just make 'em illegal then, as there's not much point in having a bunch of people you can't trust riding around in loaded guns. Too much of a risk... Or how about we govern them, and monitor with GPS, so that full-throttle is only available within designated areas.

    In any case, I give... Mercy...
  2. Speculating wildly haha. http://eetd.lbl.gov/EAP/teepa/pdf/Are_SUVs_Safer.pdf

    Sports cars have the highest annual rate of driver deaths and the 2nd highest annual rate of deaths for drivers of the other vehicle in the collision(2nd only to pickup trucks).

    Can't hide from the stats.

    You can use your sports car just like I can randomly fire a gun around my neighborhood - however, that doesn't make it safe, legal or moral. Does that mean guns and ALL cars(most can go 110mph+) should be outlawed? No. Maturity and self-control can go a long way.
  3. O.K., this debate is stale, and slightly loony.... Sports cars and random gunfire?? I'm surprised you muster up enough courage to pull out of the driveway.

    But you're correct, it DOES come down to maturity and self-control... It's in defining what is "mature" and what comprises "control" that I lose you. I find your safety-preach to be a bit over-the-top, like making a bunch of non-alcoholics sit through an A.A. meeting, or preaching gun safety to a room full of veteran police officers....

    In any case, let's stop torturing each other, and call this thread what it is... toast.