Came home happy from track 2night

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  1. 2night I went to track and race like 6 times. Finally I am in 13 sec 1/4 mile. My car used to run 14.2 best but now I am in 13 mid yayyyyyyyy

    1st run
    R/T .221
    60' 2.004
    330 5.789
    1/8 8.875
    mph 80.08
    1000 11.509
    1/4 13.739
    mph 104.35

    2nd run was my best tonight

    R/T .364
    60' 1.875
    330 5.583
    1/8 8.667
    mph 80.02
    1000 11.311
    1/4 13.554 yayayyayyyyyyy
    mph 101.35

    3rd run

    R/T .635
    60' 1.876
    330 5.607
    1/8 8.716
    mph 79.50
    1000 11.368
    1/4 13.625
    mph 100.16

    And few 13.7 sec 1/4 runs I did. I am happy like a mother flower. I sak my friend who drives 05 WRX STI to come but he didn't , if he had come and race me I would have smoked his ass and watch him cry cause that mother ****er talk **** all the time and now I am faster then him. His best I know of is 13.7 sec .

    I am very happy tonight and wanted to share with you guys and girls.

    Thank You
  2. 13.7 for an STi? Your friend must suck at driving! lol Congrats on the new times - I'm heading out for the first time this year (and since the blower) tomorrow! :flag:
  3. Bennydaball let me know how you run with blower cause I am saving for blower too. I can't wait to waste his sti
  4. very very good times. its all in the 60'. those 1.8s are extremely good. just keep an eye on how your rear is acting after all those hard launches.
  5. Today I went to SCT website and got a local tunner number so I call him and talk with him. Sounds like a nice guy and even he is close on sunday he said he will tune my car so here is the price he quote me

    With my SCT X2 SF and his tune $ 100.00
    Dyno run for $ 50.00

    4 150 for tune is good price I think so what you guys think? Sounds like low 13 1/4 is very close hehe
  6. Tune price sounds real good.
    Actaully with some sticker tires or better track prep you should be in the low 13's now based off your MPH.
  7. Just got home form dyno and tunning. He ran my car on dyno and pull 265.27 rwhp and 304.98 torque. He said I don't need tunning cause every thing was good and I was making good hp.

    After it cool a little he dyno again and pull 265.70 rwhp and 307.95 torque.

    I was very happy with my #s and he said to leave it like that. Then he play with my SCT X2 SF and told me I did good putting 4% fuel at WOT and 2% spark at 0-2000 rpm and 2000-4000 rpm.

    It cost me only 60 $ for dyno so I was happy. I went there thinking I will be paying $ 150 for tunning and dyno

    265.70 rwhp 307.95 torque is what at flywheel ?

    Thanks guys and girls
  8. no thats at the wheels...
  9. I went 13.1 at 112mph with absolutely NO traction :flag: I figure high 11's low 12's are attainable with softer springs and drag radials.

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  10. I know 265.70 rwhp at the wheel but how about flywheel ? maby 310hp or so but I really don't care about flywheel anyway , rwhp and torque makes car runs and hp sales car :)