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  1. Glad to hear everything went alright. If I knew you had trouble with the bracket, I made a template in AutoCAD a while back, and could have emailed it to you to save you some time. That was a pain for me, too. Seemed like it took forever to get it right.

    For your dimming problems, try uprgading your wiring first. Get some 2ga or bigger wire and replace the wires from the positive post to the alternator, the negative to ground, and the engine block to ground. See if that remedies the dimming problems, first. If not, then you're right about needing a new alternator.

    How do you like it with no rear fill? After running the components up front, there's no way I'd go back to having rear speakers. I love the music up front, and with rears it just brings it to the back too much. I'm glad you like the components so much. I'll probably upgrade from the classics to the HD's later down the road.

    Well, congrats on the install. That's a great SQ system. :nice:
  2. Thanks for the tips on the alternator. I'll try that ASAP. The brackets where def. a PITA for me... maybe the hardest thing about the install.

    I love how the components sound with no rear fill. I don't think i'll ever be able to have rear fill from now on.

    Thanks for everything.
  3. You're welcome, if you need any other help, I'll do my best to help.
  4. Okay, heres my next project.

    I was listening to the song "Brain Damage" by Eminem last night and add it had a real punchy bassline. My friends and I went outside later that night and they wanted me to turn some tunes on.
    I did it and I noticed something. My trunck/wing rattles like crap. Any ideas on what I can do about this? I took my Liscense Plate of this morning, and lined edges of it with anything rubber I could think of. Im thinking of taking the wing off and trying to figure out something for that as well. Any suggestions would be great :nice:

  5. If you haven't already, put some eDead v1 on the underside of the trunk lid to deaden some of the vibrations. Also, expanding foam helps cancel out some of the rattling, but you have to be careful what kind you buy. Great stuff makes a couple different kinds, one that keeps expanding and expanding up to about 3X the size, and the other expands, not as much, and becomes somewhat flexible when it hardens. Both will work, but with the first one you have to be extremely careful when you apply it, because it can buckle the sheet metal pretty easily when it expands if you apply it to fast. Fill the holes in the trunk lid with this and see if that helps a little.

    If you don't want to risk the foam, try putting pressure on the trunk lid when you have your subs going. If it helps some, try a couple layers of the eDead on there and see if it helps. After that, just try and listen to where the rattling is coming from. Take the tail-lights out and the license plate and then try it again. Sometimes the bumper cover vibrates pretty badly, too, just one more thing to look at.

    The main thing is to see if you can find out where the rattle is coming from. You've probably checked, but make sure the spoiler is tight as well as the license plate and tail-lights.


    EDIT: If you take the wing off and it reduces the rattle a bit, you could try some thin gasket material cut to the shape of where the spoiler meets the trunk.
  6. Well they rattles are gone. Put the rubber washers between the wing and liscense plate, tightened everything I could get at and it seems to be rattle free :nice: I also put as may layers of eDead that I had left in the entire trunk lol.

    On the other hand while the wing was off... I like the look. Maybe going wingless in the future :nice:

    Anyway once again, thanks for the help. Next up is getting more power to those subs. I read somewhere that 600W each barely gets them moving lol.
  7. I mentioned it earlier, but you could get this amp if you're looking for more power:
    900 per sub should sound pretty good if you watch your gains.
    Do you have any pics of the install? Just curious to see how everything looks.
    Good thing you got rid of the rattles without using the expanding foam. It's a mess to work with and can mess up body panels pretty easily.
  8. I can try to get pictures for you tonight. My friend has a digital camera I can use. I'm pretty proud of the installation. Doesn't look sloppy at all, you can't see any wires. Im in the process of hooking up two blue neons to illuminate the trunk. Theres a lot of stuff I want to do, but lack the skills. I was thinking of maybe taking out the spare and putting both amps in the well I could fit it, than putting plexi glass over it and another neon. Than again I could just leave it the way it looks now because I did it so cleanly.

  9. If you have your subs facing the rear and don't need the opening going into the trunk, you could build an amp rack into that opening. I was planning on doing that and drew up a bunch of blueprints for it, but wanted a stealth install instead, where I could still use the fold down option. It's a basic amp rack, recessed about 3" or so with a plexi cover. I made some computer models of it, and I'll try to get a pic. Add a few fans in a push-pull configuration and you're all set, you could even put a couple of small neons hidden in the top portion where you couldn't see them.
    Just a thought.

  10. how much did you pay for the alpine?
  11. well I see no one has made this comment yet......... the smallet the sub, the cleaner the thump... if you get too big all you'll hear is BUUUUUUUUUOOOOMMMM all the time... if you like to hear the bass cleanly stick with the 10s.... that could be said as my opinion but I've checked out everything from 6.5 to 15... and IMO the 10s have better SQ.
  12. what is CDT CHD-62 Components? brand??? what is E10? Brand I want to look these up but cant find them.

    Can all this stuff be install in my 95 like the mach 1000? I kind of like the way they have it packaged.
  13. CDT is the name of the manufacturer: and can be found here:
    Also, ED is Elemental Designs:
    If you want to add them to your system, and get the full potential out of them, you'll need to ditch the stock system entirely for aftermarket. You can add the sub and have it sound pretty decent, but if you run the components off the factory deck and factory amp, it'll sound better than stock, but nowhere near how good it could sound.

    To get the most out of them, you'll need:
    Aftermarket head unit
    Amp for components
    Amp for sub

    You have to buy them piece by piece, though. They don't come in a package like the Mach 1000.