SOLD Carrillo Trans-Am Boss 302 Connecting rods


Jun 9, 2003
Listed are a set of TA Boss 302 Connecting rods. Very nice, these are in great shape!
I bought these in the 90's (Marked as "TA Rods") and understand they are older Carrillo Rods. The rod bolts are marked SPS WMC7 (WMC should refer to H11 tools steel, although I read it might stand for a former parent company: Warren Machine Co Inc.). I believe these were old Carrillo rods before CP bought them.
The appear to be 5.437" long with with about a 2.25" rod journal end and setup for a .912" floating wrist pin.
Features: H-Beam style design and bronze bushings for floating piston pins!

This set is sold as a lot of 8 and would ship from Springfield, Virginia (22152) or come by and pick them up.
Asking $500/obo

I never used these particular connecting rods, but I believe they use the thicker six cylinder connecting rod bearings as well (I think the idea was to use thicker material).
I believe the 'Competition only' Boss 302 rod's length is 5.315 inches. So, you will want to verify your deck height and piston height.
These are comparable to Ford Indy, early GT40, Competition Boss 302 parts.

The images provided are of the actual item listed. If you need other views, please let me know what specific view you are looking for.
IMG_0054.jpg IMG_0055.jpg
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