Expired Bunch of PARTS FOR SALE! Going Street car only

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    I have a ton of my personal parts from my days of planing on building two cars, one track and the other hot street. I have decided to just focus on my one street car so i'm selling a lot of my parts that were going on my track car. This list of parts is so diverse that I thought it best that I just post up a one page listing them all where anyone interested could just find what they need there. You can contact me and I will provide more specifics on each item. In addition, I will give a link to photo bucket where I have some pic of the items if you want to go there to see if you can use anything on your projects.

    Feel free to call me, text me, or PM meon here if you have question, at (954) 290-1447 cell. Texting is the fastest way to get me.



    Link to photos:

    Support: StangNet.com

    351W SVO Engine Block Virgin Brand New -never cut! FRPP M6010-A351 $1425.00

    Anti-Roll Bar, weld-in, Mustang Foxbody SN95 $159.99 SOLD

    Cat HBF-302HOC Chrome Fluid Crank Damper, SFI 18-1 Certified,
    12,500 rpm, 50oz removable hub, 1984-97 Ford 302/351W $195.99

    Ford Motorsport Crank Damper 351W 28.2oz unbal. SFI 18.1 $225.00

    (Autometer 5616) Fuel gauge, 2 5/8" & Matching Universal Sender (Autometer 3262) - Set. Note: Sender will work with drop-in tanks but not with stock tanks without modifications $65.00

    STROKER - Piston Kit, Probe Industries 377 cu. in. EAGLE H-BEAM RODS!! for TURBO or SUPERCHARGER DISH PROBE FORGED WINDSOR PISTONS, SRS Forged Pistons for Ford 351 WINDSOR, 2618-t6 forged aluminum * Lightweight *Tight running clearance (.002 to .006) * Weight matched (+/- 2.5 grams) * Finished diameters +/- .00005 * VALVE RELIEFS FOR STANDARD HEADS * Cast Crank 372 stroke, completely worked * 383 CUBIC INCH - 3.750 STROKE- 6.250 ROD - 1.350 COMPRESSION HEIGHT * .927 X 2.500 - 118 GRAM PISTON PIN. $1250.00

    Stahl PRO 289 - 302 - 351 Windsor Mustang Race Headers Jet-Hot Coated 1 ¾ to 3" $1225.00

    D2 Super Charger, ProCharger Full Intercooler Kit Polished Head Unit for Foxbody & SN95 with minor mod $4895.00

    Mac Flo Path 3" Mufflers dumps with attached flow tubs for Foxbody set *(used very good condition) $100.00 SOLD

    Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers 2.5 in / 2.5 out $65.00ea

    Vortech Inline Supercharger / Turbo Fuel System Kit -- complete $240.00

    Tachometer Autometer 3904 w/ shift light $195.00

    90mm Acufab Throttlebody Polished $245.00 SOLD

    75mm Acufab Throttlebody Polished $195.00 SOLD

    Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator CarTech Racing p/n 80002 This regulator features an adjustable static fuel pressure, boost sensitive with a lock nut and stat-o-seal washers to insure positive pressure. The regulator comes with two #10 inlets and one #6 outlet with machine threads and o-rings. The regulator is made from billet aluminum and anodized red. The regulator also comes with a mounting bracket, however the fittings and o-rings are sold separately. $125.00

    Aeromotive - p/n A1000 111-01-BF RED 1000 HP Fuel Pump $295.00

    Aeromotive Fuel Filter Replacement Cartridge --Big Red1000 HP Fuel Sys. $10.00

    Aeromotive Fuel Filter - Big- Red Aeromotive -- up to 1000 HP Systems $60.00

    Main Girdle 351 Windsor Probe Inds. Track Dominator. #10005-1 Probe 351 Windsor (all 2 Bolt Blocks)$199.00

    Steel Distributor Gear 5.0 to 351w FRPP .531 shaft M-12390-F $45.00

    Flywheel Billet Steel FRPP M-6375-D302 SFI 157-Tooth, 25lbs., Internal Engine Balance, Ford, 5.0L/302 All small blocks with 0 unbalance rotating assemblies $199.00

    Canton 351 Windsor Oil Pan 15-670 deep 9" rear sump 7qt. $240.00

    Oil Pick-up Canton 351 Windsor 15-671 Mustang Canton Oil Pan Pick-Up Rear Sump Deep 351W Swap 1979-1995 Part Number: OPP13 for 7qt rear sump $40.00

    Boost Retard Control Switch $15.00

    Cartech Racing Fuel Pick-up tube $90.00

    Smog Pump Eliminator $55.95

    Rear Spring Set Eibach p/n 33/97 - 9310.002L, 33/96 -- 9310.002R *(used very good condition) $120.00

    Front Spring Set Eibach p/n 08/98 -- 9310.101 for each *(used very good condition) $120.00

    Lakewood Driveshaft Loop p/n 18000 $45.00

    Heavy Duty Driveshaft Loop HPM Zinc pltd. Hpm4000-az $35.95

    LeBra 87-93 Mustang Front end cover p/n 55194-01 $50.00

    Headlight Kit 87-93 Mustang complete set Yellow side marks $80.00

    A-Pillar Dual Gauge Pod for 87-93 Mustang (Black) paintable $58.95

    ProCharger D1 Bracket $295.00

    Cervinis SVO Fiberglass Hood 87-93 bolt-on $350.00

    Hood Fiberglass no/rear vent 1983-86 bolt-on 2.5" rise Hood ABCExclusive Part#: CH 602 40 $275.00

    Upper Control Arms -- Adjustable D&D Motorsports $185.00

    Tubular A-arms Kit 79-99 D&D Motorsports with Ball Joints, bushing sets and castle nuts $185.00

    K-Member D&D Motorsports 79-99 Mustang Tubular $299.00 SOLD

    Coilover Spring Kit w/ Blur springs and black covers D&D Motorsports 79-99 Mustang $160.00

    Flaming River Steering Shaft 1504M $160.00 SOLD

    Flaming River Manual Rack & Pinion 79-95 p/n FR1503 $195.00

    Spindles set Front L&R from1996 F6Z-7&8AA Used but awesome condition $150.00

    Hubs, 5 lug set off 1998 Great Condition $50.00

    Call or Text me if you see anything you need - Texting me is better..

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    Mac FloPath 3" exhaust --SOLD
    Cat HBF-302HOC Harmonic Fluid Damper --SOLD
    90mm Accufab Throttlebody - SOLD
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