CBAZA Trends timing not following tables

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by R100RT, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Hey Eric :D

    Were you able to make any head way with your datalogged spark values :shrug:

  2. I will soon. I want to rework the tables first.

  3. there is no need to set all those values to 55, the MBT table is your main table that will limit timing , just add 4 degrees to the entire table and then use the borderline table to adjust timing , I usually set the global adder to 2 or 3 , and then from 70 percent load and up add 2-3 more degrees , but watch the higher loads at 4000 rpms and up and make sure you dont get too crazy with those or you will get some upper rpm ping .....
  4. hey Grady name is Willie , nice to meet you ....
  5. Hey ... back at ya Willie :D

  6. Update

    In my work, I'm an instrument and controls engineer, we have a saying that describes when something works, but looks like it doesn't ,because we don't really know how it is soppose to work. We say the equipment is "malfunctioning perfectly". With regards to the Tweecer, the problem was that the spark wasn't doing what I thought it should do. The real problem was a short between the ears, (headset). :D

    I set the MBT tables to 55, set the alt and bdln tables to base plus 2. I put all the adders back to stock Cobra settings. I pulled spark below 1500 rpm to help the shuffle I was getting.

    The lean moderate cruise problem is gone and the car will idle down the street without bucking.

    I built a WB fot the '65 TT Mustang but I will probably buy one for the '94 Vert. Once installed, I will optimize the upper end. It runs fine now but may have a few HP left. The vert feels strong but nothing like 560HP in 2800 LBs! I can't drive the '65 for work without worrying about it all the time. Maybe some NO will be in my future. :)

    Thanks guys, for hanging in there with me.