CHEAP!! Hoosier slicks

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  1. Weld drag lights 15+7-5 lug never even mounted on car...

    Hoosier slicks 28.0-10-15 not one burn out or track pass... had them mounted on stock 5.0 pizza cutter rims few years ago and did a beer run with them on that is it, so there almost never used:nice:

    200 takes rims and tires!!!! ! outside NYC if you want to come check them out

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  2. come on guys will sell them for like couple 100
  3. bump it need them gone guys
  4. 200 for rims & tires or 200 for each, 400 total?
  5. no 200 total!:nice:
  6. any rule on max bumps allowed?
  7. you willing to ship them ,or how far are you from wanaque nj, northern nj
  8. oh and are they universal rims, would they fit the new edge
  9. im rite on the boarder of NY/NJ! close to you man
  10. ship to 60102 ?
  11. Hoosier slicks

    Wanted to buy the Slicks if you still have them. Please leave a number and ill call you. Thanx
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Not open for further replies.