Cleaning out my garage...

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  1. Hey guys,

    Im cleaning out my garage and I have a bunch of mustang stuff, Ive listed a couple things on ebay but I don't have the time or patience to list everything. So this is it, if you want it please let me know, otherwise it will go into the GARBAGE next weekend.

    On eBay Im selling a nice set of snow tires/wheels and set of coil packs

    The other stuff is:
    - Gauge Cluster from 90-93 V8 with the speedo swapped to a 85mph (leftovers from swapping out the 140mph speedo)
    - Stock, good working Fuel Pressure Regulator and new gasket
    - Stock timing sprocket and backplate
    - Actron Ford Code Scanner for 1981-1995 & Code Book (book is wrinkled due to slight water damage)
    - One Haynes and one Chiltons manual
    - A Ford V8 garage thermometer

    I have pics of everything so pm/email me for more.

    Basically if you pay for shipping by paypal its yours for free. Anything that you want I will box up and ship out via FedEx next weekend.

  2. Last call... saturday morning (08/12) its going into the dumpster.

    There is a set of nearly new 4-lug snowtires on wheels on ebay at $1.00 with no bids. Itd be a major waste if I had to throw those out. :(
  3. you will ship to united states only?
  4. I can come pick up the manuals and code scanner this weekend if you still have them. Heck, I can take everything off your hands if nobody else wants them--never hurts to have spare parts, right?!
    let me know where you're at. PM or email me

    edit: by the way, what is a ford v8 garage thermometer?
  5. Keasbey, if your paying shipping, I'm sure FedEx will deliver to Canada so thats fine.

    PonyBoy84, whatever isn't claimed is all yours. Ill PM you with my email address.

    The thermometer is a old-fashioned tin thermometer that I had hanging in my garage. Its white with blue print that uses the old-fashioned Ford V8 logo on it, and has a glass thermometer. LOL