Cleveland Aussie vs. Edelbrock

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  1. I picked up a set up bare Aussie Cleveland heads over the winter, and I'm finally getting ready to put my car together. I was quoted $7xx to pretty much leave the machine shop with the Aussie heads ready to bolt on my motor $5xx if I want to keep the pedestal mount rockers. I paid $450 for the heads ($3xx +shipping) so that would mean an overall cost of around $1100. I can get the edelbrocks for about $1600 for the pair. Are they worth $500 more than the Aussies? My goal is in the 400 range, and I want to have it done as inexpensive as possible. I understand the aluminum Ed's weight about the same as the one iron head, but am I saving or losing money by going with the Aussies?
  2. You can get 400hp from 2v and 4v heads. What Aussie heads did you get, 351C 2V cc or the 302C cc? If you're looking for the best head side step Edelbrock and look at CHI instead. Cost is the same but the flow is superior.
  3. Thanks, they are the 351c heads. I have to look into the CHI's before I make my decision.
  4. trick flow is releasing (or has just released) some cleveland heads as well
  5. if your aussie heads are the 351c 2v versions there's no difference between them and US 351c 2v heads, so i'd say for the price i'd go with the E'brock or Trick Flow or CHI heads. if you have the Aussie 302c heads that's a whole different story, the Aussie 302c heads are the desirable ones with the closed chambers and small 2v ports, the best of all the factory Cleveland heads.

    the CHI heads are probably the best Cleveland heads ever but they know it too and charge accordingly. if you actually have the Aussie 302c heads then i'd just use those as long as you keep the compression under 10:1 for a street motor :nice:
  6. I don't have any faith in trick flow, I've heard so many bad things about their 302 heads. I do have the closed chamber 2v's, I didn't realize they were known as 302c's, I only heard them being called aussies.

  7. yeah most people aren't aware there's a difference but it's valuable info to have. since you have the good Aussie heads i'd just run them since they are the best factory cleveland heads, don't worry about chaging over to adjustable rockers either unless you plan on using a solid cam, there are some good roller rockers made for the pedestal style heads, just research what you're gonna use before you have the machine work finished
  8. Many people might debate that, but I won't hijack here. :)

    I gotta agree with that. :nice: I'd say the CHI heads are worth the money, but I'm really cheap, so I'm going with cast iron in my build as well.
  9. Your forgetting a big part to all this IMO. Weight, those big cast iron heads are heavy compared to some alum heads. If cost is almost the same the answer is pretty easy IMO.
  10. Cost is a huge factor. I am a college student (mechanical engineering, SUNY Farmingdale), and I have very little money to spend on my mustang right now. When I get out of school and get a full time job, I will hopefully redo the car with top of the line stuff and swing for the fences (road race style). I'm setting a modest hp goal to make this more realistic with my budget. I am also learning to really build up a car with this one...:p ...unfortunately everything may not go right the first time around.
  11. understood. You could watch for a set used. I just sold my Vic Jr heads that had about 30 passes and a few hundred street miles on them for 1000. Of course knowing what your getting is a chance. I guess I didn't read into your budget enough, but its one of those things you always kick yourself later IMO.
  12. Hi there, Talking from experience, I run a 351c with 6inch rods and JE FORGED PISTONS(11.9:1 comp) with ported 2v closed chambered heads mounted by twin holleys and a msd ignition and have 467.8rwhp.... for the money you spend on the aftermarket alloy heads, unless you what to drag race the factory closed chambered heads are more than great for the street!!!!! They give you all the torque and rpm you will ever need for a street legal machine!!!! 4v heads are great too but remember they are designed to the higher rpm rev range(3,500 up) and do not sport the low end torque of the 2v closed chambered heads!!!!!!! REGARDS FROM THE LAND DOWNUNDER....! :)
  13. One other thing to consider is that your iron heads will not have hardened valve seats - unless you get them added. If you aren't doing a ton of driving it may not matter to you, though.