1. I've had a few over the years and never had any real good or bad experiences. Had my latest cable snap and was going to just but another no name easy to get one. Got recommended to the Maximum Motorsports cable and installed it tonight.

    This cable somehow made the clutch feel stock. My car has never felt stock, until now. I highly recommend this cable to anyone in the market!!
  2. I had a total different experience. I bought an MM cable one time through American Muscle. It clearly wouldn't fit on the car and I returned it. I don't know what they made it for, but it wasn't for a Mustang.

  3. Mine took some work to fit, I have a firewall adjuster and need to put a spacer on it, but I needed the same with my last two cables. I got mine right from MM.
  4. The best cable I have found so far is the BBK cable. It has the adjustment nut on the end, and the smaller bracket which clears longtube headers. Not coincidentally it is also the most expensive.

  5. I hate a stiff clutch! Yeah I've heard good and bad reports about the MM cable's too. some people love them and some don't.
    You guys are not gonna believe me, but the absolute BEST clutch cable you can buy for your Fox is an OEM '99-04 GT clutch cable. Ford did something right on these because they are smooth as butter and tend to soften the stiffest of aftermarket clutches. This cable was recommended to me by some drag racer friends of mine last fall when I upgraded my clutch.
    In order to use it you'll need a billet quadrant, and firewall adjuster because this cable is slightly longer than a fox cable so you need to take up a little slack.
    My leg loves that cable!

    Sounds like a sales add don't it.:)
  6. The MM one I got is a universal for all mustangs up to 2004, and needed the spacer provided by MM as well as I need a spacer at the firewall adjuster. It appears to be very similar to an OEM unit.

    The snapped cable I removed had a mounting bracket to the frame rail. The new one does not, which I imagine is due to it being universal and not all Mustangs had this.

    Having the firewall adjuster makes install a snap too!

    Glad people are sharing good and bad reviews, I only heard good from others when I bought it, but like anything else it's never perfect for everyone.
  7. When I had to have the clutch replaced I ordered the kit from MM with the cable and quadrant. I paid to have it all installed but received no word of problems or complaint from the shop. I can tell you this, something, whether its the cable, clutch itself, or other, has made this clutch much stiffer than stock. I'm not going to complain too much though, it has been working well and my left leg gets a good workout. :)
  8. I'm running an oem cable from an sn95 mustang. Its a bit longer than the fox cable which was needed when I had the longtubes on it
  9. The best combination i ever had on car is whats been in it now for the last 3 years, Centerforce dual friction clutch, UPR triple hook quadrant, BBK billet firewall clutch cable adj., Ford Racing OEM style non adj., clutch cable they sell it at Latemodelrestoration.com the price went up its 49.99 still a bargain imho, you get a extra clutch fork to hang on the wall in the garage. Cut the rubber piece off on the firewall side of cable, this combo including clutch is all that will ever live in this car for now on!