Coast Driveline Aluminum Driveshafts $589.99 NOW SHIPPING!

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  1. Now shipping Coast Driveline Aluminum Driveshafts for $589.99 to the door!

    PM me if you're interested or give us a call at 610-497-5776 or 3736 and ask for CR!

    - APD Performance

  2. All orders shipped!!!

    $589.99 shipped discount applies until the end of this week! Prices will then go back to $579.99 plus ground shipping which could run as much as $35 dollars!

    Tillman Speed
  3. will this fit my 2005 with roush stage two suspension i want no clearance issues
  4. This will fit...

    You will have to check your pinion angles, to ensure that they are proper.

    Here is what needs to be done for it to clear:

    Vehicles Dropped Approximately 0-2":
    Near the rear of the driveshaft tunnel, there is a bolt holding on the ebrake cable and bracket. Relocate the bolt and bracket approximately 1.5" AWAY from the driveshaft tunnel. That's all!

    Vehicles Dropped Approximately 2+"
    The modification above must be done, and in addition there are two spots that need to be massaged. One is right near the ebrake cable, and you'll find a 2" by 3/8" wide lip. Simply bump that down flat, and you're done. There is a second spot in the middle of the floor tunnel. There is a stamping approximately 3/4" x 4" wide. Simply bum that down flat, and you're done.

    90% of people will only need to do the ebrake cable relocation, and check pinion angle. That will be plenty sufficient!

    Thanks for the interest!
    APD Performance