Cobra conversion

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  1. I did a cobra conversion on my Gt last week.
    In the bottom I guess lower grille is their an item I can buy to
    Put in there? The bumper looks unfinished to me and
    I can't seem to find anything online image.jpg
  2. Lol that is wher the intercooler goes.
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  3. ^what he said.
  4. ...was expecting an engine, trans and IRS swap...
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  5. Is the inter cooler only for cobra or where can I find one?
    It already had the IRS swap, I'm not a big fan of it too
    much wheel hop.
  6. Nvm I looked around on AM and actually know what they are now. Would it be fine or can I out one of these in without actually having a turbo or s/c?
  7. well you could put one in certainly, but it's a complete waste of money if you're not going to put in the turbo or supercharger. Plus you may get some unwanted attention sporting the cobra front end and intercooler.
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  8. I do plan on getting a super charger for it in the near future but I big concern of mine is that will my block and internals be able to support that much power? Right now I've got LT headers, O/R x pipe, catback flow master, CAI, 75 MM throttle body and Bama tuned
  9. Oh sure it'll support low boost, maybe 6-8lbs.
  10. get an intercooler ONLY when you get your choice of boost :blam:
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  11. Okay cool. Thanks for the help bud.
    Any advice on kits or which brands i should go with?
    I'm wanting to sit around 400. I think that would be a good
    number while still having lots of power and using as a daily driver
  12. Vortech s trim. Afternoon install and go driving!
  13. ^ Madspeed has it spot on.
  14. I'm having difficulty finding exactly what the s trim is or the exact item if you could post a link to one for me it would be very helpful.
  15. Are you planning on putting the lower valence on? I dud the cobra bumper swap and it definitely looks better with it
  16. Vortech V3 Si trim would be my recommendation. It's a self contained centrifugal and much more efficient than the older s trim
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  17. Where did you buy the bumper? I'm interested in the body conversion. Was it difficult? Any tips? Did you also do the rear?
  18. You didnt do a corbra conversion, you put a bumper on your car. Next mods: I recommend stock headlights
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  19. I was kinda expecting the same thing...