Cobra vs GT

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  1. I don't really visit this section of the forum much but my fiancee's dad just bought a new Cobra and all I can say is. DAMN!!!!! If I didn't use the bottle this car would easily run with mine, and i run mid 12s on the motor. It rides better, it drives better and it gets way better milage. All this from a car straight off the showroom floor. I am jealous, very jealous.
  2. Yup. Ford hit it out of the park with the 03/04 Cobra's.

  3. +1... Such an amazing car!!
  4. It is a nice car indeed, who would like to give me one?
  5. I agree but think he is referring to a GT500 :shrug:
  6. Yes the 03/04 cobra is a beast and a extremely nice car but the newer body has a way better frame/suspension.aerodynamics/etc. Its an all around better car. Not to say anything bad about the 03 cobra because they are GORGEOUS! Now if your talking about the new gt500, I dont think I will agree with you. Yes its a nice car, but it ways way too much, its way overpriced for what it is, by far the best deal by Ford is the mustang Shelby. Its the best bang for the buck. I would assume your talking about the 03/04 since it keepsup with your car and is posted in the SVT section. Because those are the only 2 year stock cobras that would. Asside from the new gt500
  7. Nobody reads the first post anymore :nonono:

  8. When he said it ran mid-12's on motor I naturally thought he was referring to the 03/04 and not that ugly, heavy, over priced pig GT500. :)

  9. On motor??

    Both these cars are technically it's not "on motor" which usually refers to N/A
  10. Correct, hence my initial mistake from the very beginning! I only skimmed the post initially and thought he was referring to his fathers new Cobra. My bad for not reading the whole post from the get go.

  11. Well technically the new GT500 I dont consider a cobra. When I hear cobra I naturally assume a mustang cobra. not a mustang shelby gt500
  12. It's got a Cobra on the grill still. It's a Cobra to me.
  13. i agree with u too. they are not really considered cobras in public. as for the snake goes, shelby has been using a snake emblem since 65 so its natural for him to put the snake bc he initially started with it.
  14. power

    hey um the cobras are great but what about that old dude ride you just does that handle the power
  15. Unfortunately, I have to disagree. I think when it comes to the 03/04 cobra and the GT500 the 03/04 cobra has the weight advantage and the looks advantage. Sorry guys, I'm just not a fan of Ford going back in time as times continues to move forward.

    The GT500 does have a better chassis, build quality, interior room, ride quality and comfort as well as SRA which is better for drag racers. But even I think the aerodynamics would go to the 03/04.
  16. when one mentions a cobra i dont think shelby gt500

    i think terminator,sn95,new edge etc
  17. I just sold my Terminator and there is no comparison between a Shelby GT 500 as far as ride quality, comfort, pedal feel, and looks. As far as the GT 500 being a pig, I can get a guy to give some links as to where he was running around a bunch of Porsches at a Porsche event. The owners all came back to check his ride out. The difference between the 03/04 is that it is on an old platform from back in 1979. The new platform was specifically designed for the Mustang.

    Whether you own an 03/04 or a Shelby GT500, you own one of the fastest factory Mustangs that were ever made.
  18. Just got back from the factory in Bowling Green the other day. The wife and I watched them assemble our whole car from top to bottom What an experience that was! I'm scheduled to take delivery on the 21st at the NCM.

    As for how the car handles the power... I'll have to get back with ya on that! :nice:

  19. screw the new cobra or the aka super snake i hate the motors one cost twice as much as it owuld to build a 5.0 i love the 5.0 and would never own a 4.6 i dont care how they run cuz one our 5.0 we bought cheaper and can build cheaper soo there a 5.0 is still the best to me
  20. true i felt the same way but a 5-700hp 4.6 is alot more streetable than a 5.0 hence the reason why alot of ppl r switching. buddy just sold his 93 cobra 600hp for a term.