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  1. I'd just do 1 and go from there.

    Swap the injectors ot different spots and redo the codes and such.

    Do you still have that code 18?
  2. Spark Plug mystery solved!

    She's pulling oil from the valve cover to throttle body hose, through the intake, and what two cylinders are first to get the oil in the runners? Numbers 2 and 3. Picture is upside down. Stoopid iPhone.

  3. That's a bit too much vacuum. And it's enough to make air his thru the gasket of the phenolic spacer. What gives?
  4. Not sure. Not a fan of that particular intake so I don't know it well

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  5. I will try capping that hose off but last time I did I got a lot of blow by. If that doesn't work that intake is going to have to come off. This is ridiculous.
  6. FIXED.

    Thank you Jesus, Mr. Richker, Mr. Gafford and Mr. 5L5.

    1) Cleaned the oil off the #2 and #3 plugs

    2) Because of the oil in the intake and vacuum lines I bypassed PCV. Followed this:

    3) Because of the Code 18 I changed TFI Module on the distributor
    *BAM! How about that Jack?*

    Everyone please give JRichker a big round of applause along with all the other contributors (stang&2birds) to and

    Most of all - :SN:

    Now I just need to get my TPS and idle screw just right again. Guys for the 1st time in years this car sounds like it's brand new and it's got an HCI job. All you hear is lope, and you feel very little vibration. And for the first time I backed out of the throttle in 2nd gear at 5,000 RPM (on a closed circuit test course in the Mexican desert) because it scared the poo poo out of me.

  7. knew that dizzy had bad guts! and yeah i would have never known without jrichker's help on mine!

  8. I'm gonna go sit in it naked now. Don't judge! Thank you sir you was right on
  9. while you're there pull the codes again, just to make sure.
  11. Deputy Doofy Gilmore? Vacuuming? No one? *crickets*
  12. Googled it. Your not right in da head son
  13. Kick Ass.

    And this is why we don't convert EFI cars to carb ladies and gentlemen :)
  14. My neighbor will be installing the 3.73's soon. Vroom vroom. Now if I could just get teh passenger window to roll up. :scratch: