Cooling Fans?

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  1. Does the V-6 have thermostatically controlled cooling fans?

    When I got to work this morning, the engine sounded louder at idle than I recall it sounding before. It wasn't idling faster -- checked the tach -- but somehow, it just sounded louder. Were those the cooling fans going, maybe?

    (The vent fan wasn't on, BTW. That is a loud fan, but I wasn't using any a/c or vent this morning.)

    Odd because it's a relatively chilly day here in the Bay Area, raining as a matter of fact, and I wasn't pushing the car during my 40-mile commute from SFO. Temperature gauge reads normal, same as it always has. So I wouldn't expect the engine cooling fans to be working hard. As I said, I don't recall hearing this before. No dashboard indicator lights were on, either.

    Maybe it's my imagination. Bear in mind that, back in high school, my '66 2+2 had a chronic overheating problem that probably scarred me for life. It might sound weird, but I'm pretty obsessive about monitoring engine cooling. I've only had this new Mustang for a couple of weeks, just about 960 miles on it now, so I'm still sorta hyper about the machine ...
  2. Yeah, it's an electric fan that will only turn on when you use your a/c, or after the engine is getting hot. If its a cold day out, the fan probably won't be on while driving, because the cool air will be plenty to cool the engine off, but if you come to a stop, because the computer likes to keep the engine temp at an almost percise temperature, it will turn the fan on until it sense that your moving again (which will be sensed by excessive cooling) and the fan will probably turn off. Also notice who the temperature guage will always be at the mid point, no matter how hard you drive it or what teamperature it is.

    If you got out of your car to hear it, then chances are it was just keeping it cool while at a stop. But when you first start the car up in the morning, I dont think it should run at all. Hope this helps, I'm no tech-guy, and I could be wrong about some things, but this should give you an idea of why it was running. Maybe someone smarter can give you a better reason/explination. :D
  3. Sounds to me like the local acoustics were different at the location you were idling than when/where you usually drive. Particularly since you indicate that the rpms, temp, A/C & fan settings were normal/off. If this was an isolated incident, I suspect that the acoustical environment was different than normal.

    Were you in a garage? Parked between 2 cars or walls? On a different road surface? Even rain or fog can alter the sound by changing reverberation, resonance, reflection, etc.

    If your oil level, coolant temp, etc. are OK, I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Thanks for the tech briefing, echo7! Glad to know I wasn't imagining that.

    Well, NJstangpilot, I first noticed the noise sitting at a stoplight, and it persisted until I parked at work, several blocks later. But it was raining and misty, so as you suggest, that might have made the noise seem louder.

    Just now, I took Francine out at lunch for a drive. The noise was gone. So this morning it must have been the onboard computer deciding that we needed some extra engine cooling, and for whatever reason I was able to hear the fan better than I usually can.

    (Yes, I've named my pony Francine. If Nicholas Cage can drive Eleanor, I can drive Francine. :D)

    BTW, NJ, Bloomfield sounds familiar. I spend some time living in Howell, and in Madison ...
  5. I need to get me one of those names off that movie for my baby too :D
  6. PonyKeg,

    Bloomfield is 2 miles north of Newark and 10 miles west of NYC … can you say “too many freakin people”?

    My parents have a house in Parsippany (close to Madison) and summer house in Brick (close to Howell). Go figure.

    BTW, I ordered almost the exact same car you did (Sonic Blue V6 Premium, same options except add side air bags and change the Sport Packages for the Interior Upgrade Package). Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for mine. I plopped down $2000 on Feb 15th and my build date is May 30th!!!!! Ford really sucks. If I’m lucky I’ll get it 4 months from the order date.

    At least I’ll get the Sonic Blue I like so much. Supposedly Ford is discontinuing this color next year (should make our cars rarer though!)

    Let us know what happens with the sound...
  7. Yeah NJstangpilot, the Madison/Morristown area is one of my favorite parts of Jersey. Long Beach Island is nice, too, but it's gotten crowded. Jersey gets a bad rap, but it's really a pretty state.

    You'll like the Sonic Blue. I get lots of compliments. Other Sonic Blue '05 owners always wave, too. I decided not to wait for a car with the full interior upgrade package -- too impatient to order a Mustang! Besides, I wasn't sure if I'd like the aluminum-faced dash, over time. Now I'm wondering if I shouldn't have waited and ordered one with the interior upgrade. Even though I didn't like the spoiler at first, I'm glad I got it now. I think it looks better with Sonic Blue than any other color.

    The fan sound is gone, today. Couldn't hear it. Must have been some sort of anomaly, yesterday.

    Francine finally turned 1,000 miles, so I could use the cruise control on the commute today. Held rock-steady at 65 mph and 2,000 rpm. Gas needle barely budged over 40 miles. Makes a big difference!

  8. PonyKeg,

    (love the name, BTW. Sounds like the ultimate option ... a Keg in the trunk with a tap by the radio. Cops probably wouldn't like it though...)

    I agree. 90% of Jersey is beautiful, once you get away from the refineries along the Turnpike. Has pretty much everything. Beaches, lakes, rivers, hills, sandy pinelands, dense forests, cities, burbs, small towns & every convenience/service/activity/nightlife possible. Only thing I hate about NJ (besides the taxes & insurance rates) is that you can't ride a dirtbike legally anywhere. Really sucks.

    I think you may be able to install the Interior Upgrade Package (IUP) separately, either as OEM or aftermarket. I believe I read of someone doing this. I will try to find the link for you if I can.

    I think the IUP is worth the cash, mainly for the extra dash guages (oil pressure[important IMO] & electrical) and the Driver Information Display (mpg, miles remaining, trip calculator, etc). The My Color seems pretty cool, plus you get a few interior "dress-up" touches (handles, sill plates, dash, shifter, wheel). Apparently, the IUP is a major reason for my ridiculously long waiting time.

    I will probably restrict my modifications to the suspension since the V6 is quick enough for me. I'm thinking H&R springs, rear swaybar and 235/60's or 245/55's for the 1st mods. Possibly KYB or Koni dampers later. I care much more about great handling than stoplight launches. I love whipping around turns and being "centrifuged" into the door or shotgun seat.

    If you're in NJ after mid-June (when I'll, hopefully, have my car) let me know and we'll cruse around some sunny day. 2 SonicBlue stangs toolin around, will look pretty cool.

    Make sure you "break-in" the engine & drivetrain as per the owners manual instructions. Don't use synthetic oil during the breakin period.
  9. Forgot to add, post a pictures of your car if/when you get a chance. Like a nice side view or front 3/4 shot. I rarely see pics of sonic blue 2005's and your avatar is too small. Thanks.
  10. Sounds good, NJstangpilot. I'd like to have that computer, and the gauges. The aluminum door sills would be nice, too; I checked with the parts department at my dealership today, and they say the aluminum sills should swap right out. Cost is like $30 apiece. I'll probably do that much, at least.

    Glad you like the name. I came up with it because I've decided to get a vanity plate (for the first time in my life). My first choice, RTRO RKT, was taken, and PONY KEG just came to me. Surprised it wasn't taken, seems such a natural for a Mustang. Maybe kids don't drink pony kegs anymore.

    The suspension mods sound great. Would they void the warranty? I purchased a 100,000 mile warranty, because I commute so far. I'll put 100K on this car in five years easy, unless I change jobs. That's one reason I don't use synthetic oil, because I change it so often. Only break-in Ford seems to recommend is not driving the same speed for long periods during the first 1,000 miles (no cruise control). So I watched my speed, and I took it pretty easy on the machine as well, never going much above 2,500 rpms. She's running great!

    Here's a larger photo of Francine :D :

  11. Very nice color, was the color i originally wanted. I actually like the cleaner look of no rocker panel stripes. I purchased mine from the dealer with the appearance package, with the spoiler, but no rocker stripes (guess that forgot to put them on? lol)

    I too have all the aluminum upgrades on the inside (the whole dash, stereo area, around the knobs, cupholders, door handles, and armressts)
  12. I'm considering taking off the rocker stripes, too, fazm83! I agree, I think it's a cleaner look.
  13. This is how mine looks.
  14. And the aluminum upgrades
  15. Good-looking Mustang, fazm83!

  16. PonyKeg,

    Your car looks great, I'm SO glad I opted for the Sonic Blue. As for the "rocker stripes", if your refering to the white Mustang stripes along the bottom/side of the car, they come off easily (or so I've heard). I believe the trick is to use a hairdryer to heat it up then it peels off easily. I'm not sure though. Search or for the instructions if it isn't at this site.

    I don't think suspension upgrades will affect the warranty, or at least not the "powertrain" warranty. Look for a thread I started a while ago titled "Suspension Upgrades" for some issues to consider when making suspension mods, especially when lowering the vehicle.


    Your interior looks really nice, I love the aluminum radio accents! The redfire metallic looks pretty sweet also.