Corsa DB series mufflers....anyone heard em?

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  1. Their entire systems are $$$$$$. They do sound nice but not good enough for me to drop my magnapacks for them.
  2. Is the key here= no drone? What about rwhp loss ..any?
  3. Ok. I bought these. The reds for quieter operation.

    I notice the sound of my flows is louder sometimes than others. I don't know why. Also, around town and at lights it is too loud for me. NOT that they are real restrictive but corsa should flow better than flows being it is a straight thru design. These are going on next week. I will report back. ;)
  4. Quick note, a guy on corral had a droning problem. Bought some Corsa mufflers and they didnt help at all he said. Now it was on an older 5.0cougar, so i dont know if Corsa takes into account body design, but his results were not good.

    So a heads up, there are great performing mufflers that dont cost as much as corsa. Post up if u do put them on though :nice:
  5. On the site it says you need to buy the one they make for YOUR car specifically. Mine are for the mustang with no cats, heavily modded, long-tubes..etc etc... He prolly didn't do his research first.

    p.s. I bet he didnt buy the "db" series. :) :shrug:
  6. Here's the box lol


    BTW I can see all the way through this thing! I can see my hand very clearly on the other side. It also has TONS of little holes inside and the quality looks better than the outside of the mufflers on my Benz..
  7. LOL that's the point of straight thru muffs.

    And the guy did his research, he's been trying forever to get rid of his drone problem. The techs said that he'd be fine.
  8. Here is his thread on the corral.....the corsa stuff is on the last page.

    Exhaust Drone is Completely Gone - Page 4 - Corral Forums

    People have said its actually designed for foxes, but work well on sn95s :shrug: And for stock or near to stock engines?

    He doesnt say which mufflers he bought, but both red and black are supposed to kill drone. What is the deal with the DB series u speak of?

    Either way, the techs gave him the thumbs up and it didnt work out. I hope it works out better for you, but these things seem really finicky to changes. If i spent that much on mufflers they better work, sound, perform like a damn dream forever.
  9. If they dont perform, they go back. ;) Also, I got them for a lot less or I wouldnt have bought them.

    Ok, mine go on a diagonal...not exactly straight through. He is driving a cougar. Lets see what it does for mine and thanks for the input.

    "LOL that's the point of straight thru muffs. "

    Whats the point? Not sure what you are saying. Thanks.

    EDIT - Dam , my car doesn't drone anywhere near as much as that guys with the cougar BTW. Super-turbo's kept out aLOT of drone..I've had them on my car first hand! This guy calls them "super-droners!" They were TOO quiet for me lol.
  10. straight thru = seeing straight thru. I've never seen a straight thru muff u couldnt see thru. Obviously offset offset makes it harder on a diagnol.

    Either way, one review doesnt judge them. Figured id just make u (and others) aware. I hope they perform how u want them too!!!

    How much did u pay for em?

    Good luck bro
  11. Oh ok. I paid $179 at jegs although many places sell them for $217 and up. They are real good with returns so thats why I bought from them. Can you guys believe how much stuff has gone up? Flo-masters like I have on are $120 each!!

    Ok so will the straight thru design flow better than my flos? I think yes.
  12. didnt realize they were available under $200. That's on borla/bassani/etc level.

    Who's arguing they won't flow better than flowmasters? :shrug: What flowmasters do u have that run $120? I can get the newest 40series for $80 at my local autozone...

    By the way, on N/A combos, I'd like to see where different mufflers cause a significant difference in power. I bet weather causes a bigger difference. On a turbo car, flow is very important.
  13. No I am actually asking what y'all think. I think they will flow better than a chambered muffler. :) Yes turbo'd but also big cubic inch I think mufflers can make a difference. I have 50 series delta flow now. They are more money than 40 and drone less. They are 120 bucks at summit. went up.
  14. Reporting back. HUGE cut in drone guys. Its almost non existant compared to the delta flow flowmasters. My car is 2000 rpm and 65mph roughly and I don't notice a hint of drone until 80mph and then it is sooo little. The mufflers made a tremendous difference and yes, they work. Shifting thru the gears at lower speed no longer makes me cringe and no more low rpm buzzing drone and quiet at idle.

    One caveat though and a nice suprise...when you NAIL it, they are as LOUD as HELL! It sounds like the car has NO mufflers when you floor it! and it sounds awesome. Ever hear a hot rod off in the distance like 2 miles away getting on it on a cold night? Then you know what I am talking aout.

    BTW its not at half throttle or 3/4 but FULL out that it does this.

    p.s. Anyone have super turbos? Well at idle they are tinty hollow sound like the flo's. These are too but it keeps the buzzing boomy drone out at idle which is worth the price.
  15. I can't click on the link right now but will later. Yep and drove it again today. NO DRONE. Quite amazing. Glad you posted this thread initially nmcgrawj. :nice:
  16. NO it sounds very close to this one especially at full throttle.

    YouTube - '95 Cobra w/ CORSA Performance dB series Mufflers

    Its the best sounding exhaust I've ever had and I have had nearly all of them. Again after driving it today NO DRONE. It starts up with a real cool "crackle" sound too. Hands down BEST mufflers I have ever had, no other car sounds like it, quiet when I want it and obnoxious when I want it too. Old people flip out when you nail it. I love it.
  17. sounds like my stingers...