Crankcase Pressure

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  1. Here's another pic, can't figure out how this happened. Like I said, no damage to the cylinder!

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  2. Wow, looks like you got lucky with only minimal to no damage. Why are you going back to N/A? Less problems? Or are you just over being boosted?
  3. This car is way too much of an animal for the street, and I don't have much interest in bringing it to the track anymore. I figure if I put a good N/A setup it will put around 325hp to the wheels, be way more reliable and streetable, and I'd drive it and have fun with it a lot more.
  4. What heads do you have? With a 333 cid 325 rwhp should be cake to obtain and still fun to drive.
  5. wow, that ran?
  6. Actually ran great, only symptom driving it was smoking under heavy throttle. I could drive it around normal all day without a problem. I have AFR 185 heads, but I'm thinking by the time I do a valve job, plane them, and change valve springs it may not cost much more to just buy new heads.
  7. one thing you can do is install a vacuum pump to eliminate pressure in the crankcase. a lot of guys use the engine driven vacuum pump from a navistar diesel engine. the nice thing is that you eliminate the blow by for the most part and you gain power at the same time.
  8. July 2014 MM&FF has an article on boosting a 351. Part of the refreshening of the motor included increasing ring gap wider for boost. We all know about piston damage from going lean, but they listed another cause. The increased heat from boost causes the rings to swell, hit the ends, and eventually grab the cylinder wall, damaging the ring lands. I bet this motor had the rings gapped for NA conditions and they were too tight.