Crown Vic same bolt pattern as a Mustang?

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  1. Real quick question....just as stated, are they the same bolt pattern? Can you put Mustang wheels on a Crown Vic and Vic wheels on a 'stang?
  2. Crown Vic wheels are 5 lug,so they wouldn`t fit a stock 4 lug 5.0L Mustang.

    If the Mustang has a 5 lug conversion,I don`t know if the pattern is the same as a Crown Vic.
  3. Ford cars should havea 4.5X5 or 4.5X4 bolt pattern. If the lug count is the same, it should bolt right up.
  4. Panther Platform cars run the same bolt pattern, but also run a front wheel drive offset. They will "Bolt up" but they look like crap and probably rub/hit all over

  5. :nice: Thanks (duh! lol)

    I ask because i think this certain set of Vic wheels would look badass on my coupe if i did a 5 lug swap. The dished/mesh wheels you see on them....they look a lot like Saleen rims which you can't find for a decent price, but if i painted the Vic wheels they would look killer, and they're pretty deep dished too.

    These are the ones i'm talking about:

    Picture those with a black center, chrome center cap like you see there with chrome lug nuts, and polish the lips to a mirror....that would look badass.

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  7. Someone Beat you to it.Il find the pic, it looks pretty good.
  8. There are a few other wheels of that style but they're either the real 3 piece kind and are really expensive or they're the old ARE rims or Saleen rims, both are getting harder and harder to find. The ARE's are steel which i kinda don't like, and the Saleens are just too hard to find and too pricey once i find them. I can get Vic wheels from a junkyard for probably 100 bucks or less. I'm not sure off the top of my head but i think the Vic wheels are 16s also.
  9. Here's a better shot for those interested

    These are aftermarket replicas but are otherwise idential to the Crown Vic wheels. They came with a machined/polished lip or totally painted. The style is one of my favorite styles out there and i can get these cheap if they'll bolt up and look right.

    I think i read that they are 4 1/2 inch back is that going to look on a Mustang? That's about an inch or so less backspacing than a typical Mustang wheel right? I don't know my backspacing/offsets very well, someone help me out here!
  10. I've seen a Crown Vic Taxi around town with 99+ V6 wheels mounted up on it if that helps. :shrug:
  11. Yeah see i know you can put Mustang wheels on a Vic but i don't know if the spacing will work the other way around. I guess nobody has done this because i've asked around a few other places and nobody has a clue.
  12. I guess you didn't read my post. Panther Platform cars (Grand Marq, Crown Vics, Town Cars) run front wheel drive offsets. I know because they are a total **** to find wheels for.. and when you do, they are front wheel drive offsets and you have to grind the hub centric off the wheel to fit them on the rear.
  13. I read it but didn't elaborate for me...can it be done then? I've got an angle grinder and a carbide disk lol.
  14. Well... It can be done. FWD wheels stick farther in then RWD wheels. You can run Maximum Motorsports adapter plates that will work just fine and push those wheels out far enough so they don't look like crap and rub. It's not that the wheels won't "bolt on", it's that most aftermarket wheels for Crown Vics/Panther cars run FWD tuner wheels or custom made. With the FWD tuner wheels, you have to grind away a lot of the hub centric part.
  15. They will stick out too far.

    Someone in my club drives a Lincoln Town Car with '99 CObra wheels on it. The wheels are sucked WAY in on the car. That would mean that if you were to put panther wheels on a Mustang, they would stick out too far.