Custom License Plate Ideas

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  1. Alright, so I got to renew my car license by the first couple of weeks of next month and I figured I'd pay the extra $40 and get a custom plate. Was looking for some ideas.

    Here's the criterion:
    It can be up to 8 characters long, any sort of character.
    I want it to be something that not everyone is going to get, but the ones who do will really appreciate it.

    For example. I've got a buddy with an 01 Bullitt, and his plate is "HOLLOWPT". He has also had "1ATMSFERE". I've seen one on a red car that was "RED SHIFT" (Doppler effect) . My dad's '78 Gold Edition Trans Am is "78 KARAT". Those are the types of things I'm going for. I'm trying to avoid the really cheesy ones like "2FAST4U" or "98 STANG" or something like that.

    What I've thought of so far:
    "2VLV FTW"
    "NPI FTW"
    "BLWN NPI"
    "1.5 ATM"

    Any other ideas?
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  3. +1
  4. BAD-A*GT


    bahaha too bad it wasn't that bad a :(

    But on a serious note..

    Snky98gt is awesome
  5. 8ur lsx :rlaugh:

    that was my second choice behind ls what hahaha
  6. RCR EATR (ricer eater)
    RCR HNTR (ricer hunter)
    LS1 HNTR
    LS1 EATR

    Just a couple. I have LS1HNTR myself mostly because a couple trans ams in town have PNYHNTR and PNYEATR.


    All are kinda lame but I thought I'd through them out there.
  7. Lol, that is pretty funny, although I don't think I could do that on this car.

    Yea, I'm leaning towards something along those lines. Either "SNKY98GT" or "SNEAKY98" or "SNEAKYGT".

    Which of those do y'all like best? I like all of 'em.

    Ha, "LS WHAT?" actually sounds pretty good. I get the feeling that it's probably already taken. Even if it wasn't, I think I might be asking for something considering my car is only a mid 12 second car. Maybe one day later this year when I'm in the 11s I'll get one like that. ;)
  8. my dsm is getting either one of these (still applies to you i guess)

    ls1 lol
  9. "SneakyGT"

    All of the 3 are good. Do you guys get to customize your plate styles like we do?
  10. 8ur-gm
  11. those are all gay as hell.
  12. Yea, I'm going to go with "SNEAKYGT". Might change it up next year for "LS WHAT?". :D

    They do have custom plate styles, but none I like. And most of them only allow 4-5 characters with them.

  13. Those are fighting words, Will!:nutkick:
  14. Jealous much??
  15. Of a 96-98 Cobra? No. Not even a little bit.
  16. Ls1 lol haha i like that one..

    off topic but my little "lesser" 2v will chit all over your cobra jeremy. Not trying to be a douche but dont take 2v's lightly. And im pretty sure my 2v is louder than your car. =P