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  1. Hey everyone. I had posted several months ago about fabricating some custom intake plates. Well, I'm finally getting around to it again. I plan to cut the overall shape out of 6061-T6 on a waterjet. Then finish sand and powder coat in black, red, blue, etc. Next make an engraving jig to hold the plate while I post engrave the design back through the powder coat. Attached is a 3D rendering of one design idea in black. I can also do custom designs as well. Just wanting to get some feedback from other Mustang owners to see if there is even the slightest market for something like this. I'm working on a fox cup holder design as well. Shoot me any ideas you may have to. Thanks for looking.
    Mustang Intake Plate Rendering.JPG
  2. man those lines look like some small ass cutters. the machine time must be pretty high... who much are you thinking per piece?
  3. It would be a .030 dia 2 flute Ball End Miniature Carbide Finisher. Cycle time shouldn't be that bad. It only needs to go down enough to remove the powder coating. We've done thing with a lot more fine detail than this. Not sure on price. I was actually just making one for myself but I thought I'd throw it out there to see if there is any interest.
  4. That looks clean, nice job.
  5. Thanks.
    I'll post up some pics of the finished product once I get one done.
  6. So the lettering isn't into the material?
  7. Yes, it's through the powder coat and into the aluminum plate underneath. Just enough for the shine of the metal to show through.
  8. I want to see the Intake Plate cup holder....more so how do you get to your cup when it's on the intake? ;)

    Sharp looking piece though!
  9. Thats is Badass looking!!! only down side is of all the people i know no one still runs a stock intake, and very few have gt40.
  10. Dang, I knew I was forgetting something important....:)
  11. Thanks and that is true. There's still a few of us poor people out there running stock though...;)
    I've got a bunch of ideas for custom parts and such. I just need to get it down on paper or more importantly, some prototypes fabbed up.
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  12. are you only looking at black or can the lettering be in other colors
  13. Well...I'm thinking I will do it in a solid color and post engrave like the one shown initially. It could be black, red, etc.
    This will keep the manufacturing cost down. It would be expensive to powder coat only in the letters a certain color versus the entire plate.
  14. ebay them, im sure people all over who are running stockwould like them.
  15. The Explorer/GT40 can use the same top plate as the stock HO 5.0 EFI intake. The only difference is the Explorer/GT40 only taps 2 holes diagonally opposite each other, and I think they are metric thread. That would have minimal impact on what you are doing.
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  16. srtthis, you called that one. With a ball nose that small, I could only run the machine at 7 inches per minute max. Factor in the finishing passes and it took 40 minutes for the "5.0" design. Good thing I don't plan on making these in mass quantities. :)
  17. What kind of rpm are you running? We have some 15k rpm machines that would make quick work of that, we usually engrave with a #0 center drill at about 40 to 50 ipm
  18. ive been around the block once or twice when it comes to designing parts.
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