Custom Ponies...

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    I stumbled across these today...They look pretty sweet IMO....I was thinking about getting a friend of mine who airbrushes surfboards to attempt the blue flames on the black pony...I don't think I could ever spend 150$+ on something as small and cosmetic as this....still, my CDC red/white/blue pony draws lots of attention...any comments?

    EDIT: Looking on Ebay...they also offer custom matched side pony emblems...another kinda cool they cost so much
  2. some of those are nice, a bit expensive though.
  3. Yeah i stumbled over those a while back and some of them are pretty trick. Definitely a mod i'll do when I got some cash burning a hole in my pocket with nothing better to spend it on...
  4. you could probably have your pony airbrushed and cleared locally for @$30 or less.
  5. nice but way too much!!
  6. what did you search on ebay for the side emblems?
  7. The exact same ponies came up when I searched 'Mustang Emblems' on Ebay...when I clicked on a couple of the links (price was like 125$ or something)...there were tons of pictures of these things...some pics showed the side emblems painted to match...apparantly it's a 50$ option to add the custom matched side ponies....I printed off a huge copy of the blue flames/black buddy's gonna try and airbrush it on my stock horse tomorrow...Then I plan on drilling out the eye, and throwing a super-bright blue LED @ work...I'll post pics when it's done
  8. post up some pics of that led. that might look good. i'd have to see it
  9. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  10. Pfffft. Those painted ponies cost diddly squat. I have a friend who has a 24K gold running pony. It's a very limited edition casting. He won't tell me the exact price but I know it's between $500-$1,000. And it's bolted, welded and everything else so it aint coming off the front end like idiots did with pulling off hood ornaments.