Engine Cylinder 1 Is Dead

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by MNExotics, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. 95 GT with a noid light on injector 1 I get no pulse. I swapped out the injector harness and I get the same results. It could be the pcm but I have never seen just a single cylinder fail before. Anyone have a guess?
  2. just a guess....bad spot on the rotor? maybe pop the cap off and have look, might have some gunk on it....just a guess...

    good luck
  3. Thanks for the response. I am certain it is in the fuel system as I have a very solid spark on the scope and the noid light fires on every injector port except cyl 1.
  4. thinking out loud here...well typing anyway, should have typed "stator" as opposed to rotor. It along with the PIP sensor tells the computer which injector to pulse ( I think)...again just a thought, if it has some gunk on it, might confuse the computer...

    good luck
  5. I will try swapping Distributors as I have think I still have a spar to see if that corrects a stator issue.
  6. Same results with swapped distributor
  7. stalled on fixing this for a few days due to the second child being born. So far I have swapped the injector harness and the distributor and have no change. The noid light fires on every cylinder except #1. Anyone have a suggestion of what else to try?
  8. The signal for injector #1 from the ECU is pin 58. I'm guessing that there is an open circuit between the injector harness connector and the ECU. You might try to see if you can get a pulse for #1 injector at the harness connector. The wire color code is "T" which should be tan.
  9. HMMM Well I should see if I still have an EEC break out box at work in our antique tools display.