Daily Driver year around ?

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  1. How many of you drive your Mustang as a DD even in the snow ? I gotta decide if I want to drive the GT year around or buy a second car this fall...losing my company car :mad:
  2. daily driver and weekly track star. not alot of snow here but we had a bad snow/ice storm 2 days after I bought my car and I had to drive it 500+ miles to get home with it, really sucks in the snow. I love driving my car but I really want to get a beater to drive daily and save the cobra for weekends and track.
  3. I drive mine all year round as well, and winters in Wisconsin can be pretty harsh with salt and what not, the car is a pain in the snow haha.. but it makes for intresting trips to the grocery store.. :)
  4. Me and I love driving the stang..
  5. DD here. In the winter I slap on my stock 17" rims with Blizzaks and let the fun begin!
  6. I drive it year round, throw on some Blizzaks and you won't even notice there's snow.
  7. I daily drive my '98 GT 365 days/year. I put 4 studded snows on V6 wheels (NY). Car is actually very good in the snow.
  8. I used to, and it wasn't bad. Our winters are usually pretty harsh, too. But I finally caved in 2 years ago and spent a few grand on a halfway decent beater. Best money I've spent on my Mustang so far...
  9. I drive mine year 'round as well... about 80% of the year the top is down.

    Winter... what's that? we don't really have that here in SoCal.
  10. DD here and there is NO snow here in South TX.....
  11. 365 days a yr
  12. I drove my car the first winter I had it, this last one - not so much (only dry days). Tail end of this summer I'll probably end up with a new daily-driver...
  13. :shrug:

    SA is south texas? guess that means i was born in north mexico:scratch:
  14. Mine's a DD as well, and Pennsylvania winters are harsh. I run Avon Tech M550 all-season tires (or tyres, as Avon calls them), and they get me around even in winter, although during that season it isn't a pleasurable experience. They hook surprisingly well, though (see sig):D
  15. It's considered part of the south TX region. We're the north side of south TX :p
  16. I drive mine every day all winter. Hell, I got it right after Christmas. I just wash it at least once a week, but I do that the rest of the year as well, so I guess I make no accomodations for winter :shrug: Granted, I don't mistake it for a 4x4, and don't drive until the roads are plowed, but that's pretty much it. I don't know if I'd call MN winters harsh, per se, but it's cold and it snows. Just use TC like it was intended, and use your head. You can't drive around like it's summer.
  17. Mines a DD 365 days a year. Living in the NE we get some decent snow. I use my stocker 16" wheels with regular all season tires in the snow and it's not so bad. I've never had any close calls either.

    I'll be moving up to Erie, PA this summer and the winters there should be atrocious. Getting snow storms right off the lake I'm going to be tackling snow after snow after snow..
  18. DD here in all weather. Snow isn't too bad on the stock Gator's....its the hills w/ snow that'll get ya.