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  1. I have been trying to figure out a daily driver when I return to the states. I will still have my F150 but something with better gas mileage for everyday would be nice. I will be in Colorado and have kids. I had an Escape on order but not sure I want it. The cars I have been looking at are an old used 96-98 GT, a New focus ST, and mustangs

    My sales guy has some leftovers at great prices. A 12' Premium GT, tech pack, bremo pack, and the appearance (louvers, scoops, pedestal spoiler, and racing stripe) for 32K

    He also had a bare bones 13' GT for 27K and a 13' V6 premium Club of America, track pack, comfort package for 26k, another smoking deal.

    Totally different angle but he had a loaded to the gills focus titanium for 20k.

    Thoughts guys. The GT is nice nut the 8k less for the 6 is a lot of money
  2. I say 12 fully loaded, lol. My daily is a new Si, those are nice too, lol
  3. The Focus ST may not be a bad idea if you want a nice mix of power and economy. V6 Mustangs have good power, but given you are in Colorado and likely at a higher altitude, you'd get more benefit from a turbo than someone closer to sea level.

    If you need some room/practicality for a family, though, the Escape may not be a bad choice either, if you can live with a little less performance. They've largely gotten good reviews.
  4. I would go with the Focus ST now, then later possibly get a GT as your toy!
  5. If you have been looking at an Focus ST, then I'd say get a Focus ST...just my logic.
  6. the new escape is one bad little vehicle. my aunt has one an i am jealous.